Videography : Tying The Knot
A New Era of Love
Wedding Trailer of George & Zinzar by Kalvin Ananda
Apr 2019

Love is found in the stories of old, of heroes, gods, and other stories from the heavens. It is found in the story of the first man and woman on earth, the blueprint for humanity. Love became a crucial part in the framework in which life is to be lived. Life requires us to find some sort of Love at some point in our lives.


And so begins our colossal and collective quest to find a soulmate, a mate for the soul. Because the Galaxies know, that it is Not Good for man to live on his own, and the power of two souls in unison makes the world Good again. The world needs a pair of brave souls who are willing to discover and pave uncharted paths to realise their Heaven-gifted dreams together.


Each generation embarks on different quests in search and in pursuit of Love.

Our ancestors did not understand and experience love the way we do. Or, even if they did, the privilege of Freedom that we now have had not yet been gifted to them.

What does Love, which is still waiting and hiding all along the paths that we’ve chosen, have in store for us in this new age?


Love has been around for ages. And yet, we were born into this specific moment in the timeline of humanity. We were born into this particular time and place to experience the love that we are meant to experience. Just as there are so many occurences that needed to happen in the Universe in order for you to be born, so is your love story so very carefully calculated and mapped out by the Galaxies above.


Let us never take for granted this unique Love journey that we get to travel on. We are truly fortunate to be born into this new era of Love.





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