Photography : She Said Yes
A Reason to Smile
Pre-Wedding of Richardus & Florencia by Dre
Apr 2019


How did you two meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?


“Where did we meet? We’ve actually known each other since we were in Melbourne back in 2011. We were in the same large group of friends which consisted of, for the majority of it, people from Semarang and Surabaya. I’m from Semarang, and Richard is from Surabaya. But, we weren’t that close at that time. We went to different colleges, we went to different libraries. But… we went to the same club. I think, back then, I only saw Richard for about… twice a week? And that was only because our friends had usually celebrated their birthdays or any other big events in that club. Haha. Moreover, he also had a girlfriend (from a different group of friends). He graduated earlier than me. I failed one subject so I had to stay longer in Melbourne.


So, I never ever would have thought that Richard would be the first and last person to come into my life. Yes! Richard is my very first experience in relationships.


Long story short, I heard that Richard broke up with his girlfriend. Even though we were not that close, we were in the same group chat of the group of friends that I’d mentioned before. That was how I knew the story.


Then, it was time for the Cupid to do his work. We met again at our friend’s wedding in Bali, May of 2016, at their after party to be exact. What a coincidence it was that he sat right next to me. We had a little conversation. And, according to Richard, I fed him martabak. Since then, he began to take an interest in me because I was so caring towards him that night… although I kind of took a little bit too much of the martabak, and that was why I fed the rest of it to him. And I don’t think I actually fed him that night… I don’t know. Perhaps that’s just Richard and his drunk imagination. Haha. Anyway, he started to text me personally ever since then.


Fast forward to our first date. Just like any other lovers do, we fine-dined together, talked about sweet things, and ended the date with a movie. What was it like? Oh, dear…. The phrase “Love makes cat poop taste like chocolate” is so true to this. Haha” – Florencia



Can you share some of your memorable dating moments? By the way how long have you been dating?


“We’ve been dating for around 2.5 years now. We had been in an SDR (short distance relationship, Semarang-Surabaya) until we decided to get married.


Memorable dating moments… To be honest, Richard is far from what you would call a romantic guy. So, maybe the most memorable moment was when Richard visited me. I was so ecstatic that I could hear my own heartbeat! I intentionally woke up early to wash my hair, style it, put on makeup, just to pick Richard up, though I knew that there wasn’t much to do in Semarang.


For Richard, the most memorable dating moment was when I bought a return ticket Surabaya-Semarang just to celebrate our 1st monthsary. AND a bouquet. 3rd monthsary, I gave him another bouquet. 6th monthsary, another bouquet. 9th monthsary, yet another bouquet. 1st anniversary, another bouquet. And then I just stopped. Haha.” – Florencia



What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember for always?


“Florencia is super caring. I’m a strict person, but Florencia can balance me out. She’s patient, always cheerful. She understands my jokes when all those around me don’t. So, she always makes me happy.” – Richardus


“Richard is a responsible person. He has a clear direction of where he wants to go in life. Richard’s jokes aren’t that funny… but he still is the reason I smile a lot.” – Florencia


“A special moment for us was when he knelt down, arranged the decorations, prepared the ring and bouquet for our proposal. I know it really is not his thing, but he would do that anyway just to make me happy.” – Florencia



Tell us more about you. What would a typical day for you be like? What are your hobbies? Do you have something unique that you collect or spend on?


“A typical day for me would be… breakfast, work, and after that, home, groceries, and then doing nothing. Maybe movies. Cuddling. As long as I am with Richard. Also, Winnie the Pooh and Rilakkuma themed things are my favorite besides Richardus. Haha.” – Florencia


“Work, home, and then watching movies at home.” – Richardus



What are your favorite songs and movies?


“Current fave song is Bersama (OST Keluarga Cemara) by BCL. Meanwhile, Richard prefers the oldies. And, also, we love watching Marvel movies.” – Florencia



When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?


“Every couple has their own story, their own problems. For me, what I’ve realized is that every time we argue or get in big fights, I can’t solve it while we are still in an LDR. Richard is a very stubborn person. It’s not easy to communicate what I want and what Richard wants with all the distance between us, all through the phone. I can just ignore him and he can ignore me for the whole day after we fight, and I know that’s not good for us at all. But, it’s different when we speak directly. Eye to eye. Just the two of us. Whenever we have a problem, we can and want to listen to each other if we’re face to face. We can just solve that problem easily and instantly, on the spot. So, when did I realize he’s the one, you ask me? When I realized that I’m happier every time I’m by his side, even if we’re facing the biggest of all problems. After all, I can’t stand not talking to him. I’d be like, “Hey! Why aren’t you talking to me?” Haha.” – Florencia



Tell us your photoshoot experience with us!


“Dre was awesome!! We would definitely let Dre capture our precious moments again in the future if we could! Don’t tell Dre, but we had never heard of his name before in Axioo, haha. But, at that time, we didn’t have any other choices. Dre stood out amongst the other photographers… so we thought, he should be alright. Well, we actually had other choices. We actually could do our own trip anytime instead of booking the open trip, but money can’t just happen “anytime” haha. So, yes, we were booked in with Dre on October 2018. I even asked Jane to arrange a video call with him just to get to know him. I was afraid that Dre wouldn’t be as fun as we had hoped him to be. Because Richard and I suck when it comes to being in front of a camera!


But, it turns out, Dre was really fun, he exceeded our expectations! He can definitely loosen us up, especially with Richard who gets cranky if it gets too hot or if he gets tired and hungry. We didn’t regret going on the trip with Dre at all! The photoshoot really wasn’t tiring at all. Even though it was hard for me to wake up early to try out many different outfits. But there’s always something that Dre does to lighten up the mood. He knows exactly how to deal with Richard who is so hard to please and does not enjoy having his photos taken. Also, on top of it, Dre told us so much wisdom and inspiring stories of what married life looks like!


And the results? We got so many compliments on our pre-wedding photos. Axioo’s standards are definitely unquestionable!” – Florencia



What characteristics that most describe Richardus?


“Richard is a very very very stubborn person. It’s so hard to change his opinion from A to B.” – Florencia



What characteristics that most describe Florencia?


“….Slow.” – Richardus



Describe your relationship in 5 words!


“Different in so many ways.” – Florencia



What is something you do/a habit that is unique to both of you? Something that makes you different from other couples?


“I don’t know whether this is unique, but whenever I get mad, Richard will take me to any supermarket and buy me a Thai Tea to make my mood better. And that always works!” – Florencia



What is one thing that the other person does that makes you feel most loved?


“Richard loves it when I care for him, like when I cook him a meal or give him a massage. Anything to serve him or help him out… That will, of course, cause him to make a room in his heart for you!” – Florencia


“Florencia is content with just being paid attention to, being loved. A hug is more than enough for her.” – Richardus



What was your first impression of him/her? How much has the way you look at him/her change now?


“Florencia is a slow person, but I see her now being a lot more appreciative of her time.” – Richard


“As I have said before, Richard is stubborn, super ignorant. But, that aside, I know that he is still trying to be the best version of himself.” – Florencia



Do you have Valentine’s day or Anniversary tradition?


“I don’t want to disappoint, but for this, I don’t have anything sweet to tell… It only happened in our first year together. Richard is definitely not a sweet person!” – Florencia.


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