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How will your children remember you?
Baby Portraits of Arthur by Keefe
Mar 2019

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “What if, suddenly I was no longer here – when my body has failed me and I am no longer a part of this world – what would I have left my children?”



Whether we think about it or not, our children are constantly learning from us. They absorb everything they see and hear like sponges. And every little word they hear, every little action they see, become something that they will carry with them into adulthood. It may shape how they see the world, and it may even shape their world. Those are the little things that make up a legacy.


One of the stories that have taught us the value of heritage and legacy that has stayed with us is the fictional story of Aquaman. It tells the story of Arthur Curry, a half Atlantean than must face destiny and discover if he was worthy of becoming king of the seven seas. He discovered as a young boy that he possesses various superhuman abilities, including the powers of surviving underwater, the ability to communicate with sea creatures, and the ability to swim powerfully. In the middle of the entertaining movie, we found a powerful message, a value so strong, that family always comes first. It reminds us to never forget about where we came from, our roots, and the heritage that our parents have left us. Those are the legacy that is more important than all worldly possessions.


It’s never too early or too late to start building your legacy. It doesn’t mean money or fame. No, no… that’s probably the last thing. It’s about leaving a mark in the lives of the people you touch, it’s about the love you spread, and the kindness you share. It’s about showing your children how to actually do all those things and coaching them to pay it forward later on.


Our legacy goes far beyond worldly possessions or good memories. It’s rooted in the values that pass on through the generations to our successors. Children and grandchildren benefit financially from an inheritance, but they will more greatly benefit from relational and spiritual blessings. Our responsibility as parents mandates that we sow love, joy, peace, kindness, mercy, patience and self-control into our families and the families that come after us.


May you find the legacy you’ll leave behind.


With love,


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