Photography : She Said Yes
Every Kind of Way
Pre-Wedding of Kelvin & Felicia by Ivan
Mar 2019

How did you two meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?
“We first met with a group of friends, we didn’t know each other at first. But my sister, who is a friend of his, set us up to hang out together.  I have to admit, when we first met, there was chemistry between us. Even though, I was really shy and didn’t even try to talk to him but when we were about to go back home, he offered me a ride home. So yeah, he drove me home and we talked started to talk. Ever since that day, he had been coming to my house every single day at 4 pm for and finally grew closer.

Can you share some of your memorable dating moments? By the way how long have you been dating?
“It was when we first went out of country together for a new year holiday with my sister. He asked me to be his girlfriend right in the middle of a bunch of people at Disneyland, while the fireworks are lighting up the sky. It was beautiful. And btw, we’ve dated for 4 and a half years before we finally got married..”

What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember for always?
“I like him mostly because he is the kind of person that would sacrifice anything for me, for what I want, for what I need, literally anything..” – Felicia


“I like her mostly because she is the most sincere and loving person I’ve ever known in my life.. Most of the moments are special for us because we have a lot things we like in common so we mostly spend our time together. But our proposal, was one of the moments that we will remember for always because it’s just perfect (at least for us).” – Kelvin


Tell us more about you. What would a typical day for you be like? What are your hobbies? Do you have something unique that you collect or spend on?
“We actually have one similar hobbies; we like to watch movies & tv series. We mostly spend every night watching movies together. While I love travelling so much, Kelvin really loves going to the gym.”

What are your favorite songs and movies?
“We have a lot of movies that we love but our favorite would be Prison Break. And our favorite singer is Whitney Houston, we love all of her songs.. Also Kenny G, we loveee him!”

When did you realize that you want to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?
“It was about after 2 years of our relationship, the first year was quite tough for us but on the second year we went to study together in China. After a year of togetherness and relying on each other, we knew that we couldn’t live without each other, not even a single fight would last a day. Then after the 3rd year, and on our anniversary, he proposed to me in Bali (just like how I’ve always imagined!). Our closest & dearest friends were there, every single one of them. It was so touching and we were really happy!”

Tell us your photoshoot experience with us!
“So, our photoshoot was with Ko Ivan and Winnie Neuman as my MUA. It was memorable! We did spend quite a lot of time together. It was reall fun! Ko Ivan was really smart and made us comfortable with posing for pictures. He kept trying to give his best that made us spend the whole day like 12 hours a day for the photoshoot! And Winnie was also super helpful and funny. For me personally, the first few days were fun and exciting! Until the end of the last day, I was extremely tired and almost quit the last scene but Ko Ivan kept me going. He could not let me not join the last scene. As for Kelvin, he felt that the weather was too cold for the first few days but getting better after we left Zermatt.”

What characteristics that most describe Kelvin?
“Kelvin is responsible and smart.”

What characteristics that most describe Felicia? 
“Felicia is sincere and has that motherly figure.”

Describe your relationship in 5 words!
“Falling for each other everyday!”

What is something you do/a habit that is unique to both of you? Something that makes you different from other couples?
“We have our own love language that we made up and only the two of us could understand.”


“Feli always tries to tidy up our rooms, beds. Basically everything and anywhere! Even when we’re staying at a hotel and apartment. She always keeps things neat.”

What is one thing that the other person does that makes you feel most loved?
“When Feli cooks for me and helps me do the house work.” – Kelvin


“When Kelvin hugs me and kisses me good night..” – Feli

What was your first impression of him/her?
“When I first met Feli, what came to my mind was that Feli is beautiful and sincere.”


“Kelvin is charming and caring.”

How much has the way you look at him/her change now?
“Obviously, so much. We both have grown up into a more mature now that we are about to start as a new family, we have a lot of other things to put up first than our own needs..”

Do you have a Valentine’s day or Anniversary tradition?
“We usually just have dinner or Feli will cook for me a special meal.” 



Location: Zermatt – Switzerland, Seville – Spain, Hallstatt – Austria

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