Videography : She Said Yes
The Colors of Japan
Pre-Wedding Video of Ivander & Jennifer by Robb
Mar 2019

We are always mesmerized by the colors of Japan, especially during the spring season. The colors of Japan compliment your truest colors. And in the sakura season, everything becomes dreamy. From the pinkish sakura blooms over the traditional red bridges to the blue Fuji mountain, everything felt light, crispy and surreal.

It’s like a watercolor painting come to life, the perfect scenery to capture your love story. This fleeting feeling, these lovely scenes are too precious to fade with time. And the world is to big and beautiful for you not to explore.

If you love @robbsusanto‘s sense of style, his passion for videography and you wish for your prewedding video to be shot by him… surprise, surprise.. he will be having a trip to Paris this November! Plus, it’s free from travel fee!

What are you waiting for? Slots are limited, so let’s talk details soon! Kindly contact and our sales rep will be more than happy to help.

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