Photography : Tying The Knot
A Multidimensional Thing Called Love
The Wedding of Michael & Sarah by Aldo
Feb 2019

Weddings are beautiful and sacred. Some even say, weddings are celebrations of God’s love. But what about love itself? What is love and what is not?



People often attributes love with waters. The Waters are known for the calmness that it brings forth. They tease our eyes, those still, tiny little waves that cover a vast surface, and bring peace to our restless heart. How vast are the seas? We’ll never know. The seas have always been a mystery to us, that’s why they are sometimes called the Unknown. Their contents are unknown to us. They might be filled with endless possibilities, or perhaps with dangers and destruction, but we always end up exploring and venturing into them despite our lack of knowledge. The grandeur of the seas hold qualities that are majestic, and at the same time, dangerous. 


It is as if we are encountering the many characters of the sea. It is calm, vast, mysterious, destructive, dangerous, yet majestic. It is inconsistent in its qualities, but at the same time, consistent. Faithful. Unmoving. Unchanging. The sea will always be there, even when we look away. It is empty, waiting for courageous sailors to discover parts of it that have not yet been discovered. The sea will always be there, all the while keeping its rich secrets hidden underneath. The Waters aren’t just an element of nature. It binds everything together, the sand and shores that we rest our very feet upon.


This is how we are to think of love. There are many dimensions to it, many faces, impossible to only be seen with bare eyes. Sometimes love looks like an angry mother trying to get their kids to eat when they haven’t all day. Sometimes love looks like a warm cuddle in the dark of the winter night, sometimes like the bruised hands of a hardworking husband or the soft angelic touch of a wife’s embrace. 


Like water, love is calming, mysterious, dangerous, and vast. It is inconsistent yet consistent, faithful, always there even when we turn away from it. Like water, love is the very thing that our lives are built upon. Love moves like fluid — it inhabits the shape of its container. In the same way, love inhabits the shape of your mind and heart. 


Love is what you make it. Like how we’ve described the sea, there are many attributes to “love” and, still, each one of us experiences, discovers, and offers love uniquely. 


So, what is love and what is not? You get to decide.









Dress: Cindy Atmadja | @cindyatmadja 

Make-Up: Marlene Neysa | @marlene.neysa

Hairpiece: Rinaldy Yunardi | @rinaldyyunardiofficial 

Venue: Stones of The Yarra Valley | @stonesoftheyarravalley


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