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On Waiting
The Prewedding of Patrick & Flo by Aha
Feb 2019

Life is one big cycle of seasons: from Spring, to Summer, to Fall and Winter — though never in the same sequence for everyone. In the midst of the changing winds, one thing that holds true is that we all wind up in the same place: in a season of Waiting. We all go through that season, always finding ourselves waiting for something, at any given space and time. Some of us are waiting for a life partner, some are waiting for a miraculous healing. Some of us are just waiting for a package to arrive, some are waiting for the latest phone to be released. 


And, for those who love, they know exactly what it means to wait. Those who love have come to the realization that waiting means protecting, valuing, and respecting the ones that they love. They’ve learned that it is a lot wiser to wait and to not give in to temporary emotions. They’ve discovered the true essence of patience, in which it is the foundation of any relationship involving two different individuals. They’ve learned the art of waiting, even when on the days they don’t feel like it. 


Love requires of us the cultivation of our very own, personal Patience. Because out of the seeds of patience, forgiveness and grace will grow. This is one of the biggest lessons that Love yearns to teach us: that to love also means to wait. 


Love requires us to wait on one another, to give space for the other individual to grow fully into their shells. Though it is not your job to rescue one another, it is your job to wait on them as they progress at their unique pace. And though it is also not your job to save yourself, it is your responsibility to give yourself the space and the grace needed for you to grow in your current place. 


While you’re waiting, learn to be in love with the progress and the uncertainties. Be in love with the changing of winds. Find love in the season you’re in, or even in the Waiting. Because nothing ever really stops growing under the sun, and we’re never really supposed to get tired of waiting. 






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