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Always Growing to be Better
The Wedding of Andrew & Tabita by Aha
Feb 2019

How did you two meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?

“We met at our high school, in English class to be exact. It was definitely not love at first sight, because we had met each other in our first year and we became close only during our second year. But he was pretty smooth, asking me on MSN messenger that time what the title of the song played in English class was and all… very smooth.” – Tabita


“Unfortunately, no. I don” recall our first date because I never even asked her to go on a date with me. It just happened. So, I’m not sure which date was our first.” – Andrew



Can you share some of your memorable dating moments? By the way, how long have you been dating?


“Maybe we were’t officially dating yet, but it was the moment when she cried on my shoulder in the middle of the basketball field, during a sports event at school. So, yes, everyone was staring. It’s still memorable for me. We’d been dating for 8 years before I married her.” – Andre


“I remember that moment as kind of the ‘mark’ of when we sort of started dating, LOL. I was having a rough day being one of the organizers of a school event and when I walked past him, he asked me nicely, “are you okay?” And then that was it. I started crying like a baby hahaha. We got so much closer after that. That was also Andrew’s birthday, so we just chose that day as our first day of being ‘us’” – Tabita



What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember forever?


“I think what I like most about Tabita is that she is a very caring and loving person, I’ve never met someone who can show that much love to anyone. It’s funny how we are such different people when we first met. But, in time, we grew to complement and shape each other to be the better version of ourselves, up until today.” – Andrew


“If you ever meet Andrew and talk to him, you’ll instantly realize that this guy is special. (Or maybe it’s just me, haha). To me, I like best the fact that he is intelligent, always daring to change and to sacrifice. Not just intelligent in his views, in problem solving or in terms of IQ, but he also grows to be emotionally intelligent. I never knew I needed this kind of person in my life, but I do. So much. What is most impressive is that he changed and sacrificed so much to become who he is today. So, to see how major his changes and sacrifices are, and how that also changes me — in which we’ve been growing together for these past 8 years — is definitely a special thing that I would love to tell my kids and grandkids in the future.”- Tabita



Tell us more about you. What would a typical day for you be like? What are your hobbies? Do you have something unique that you collect or spend on?


“Typically, Andrew and I are not always in Jakarta. We travel quite often as we have some work in different places in Indonesia, including the place that people mostly know us for — Sumba!” – Tabita


“A typical down time for me would be staying in bed, watching movies, working together or chatting with Tabita.” – Andrew



What are your favorite songs and movies?


“Any TV series about criminals, police, doctors, etc.” – Andrew


“At night, we usually like to watch and learn about human behavior, human perspectives and problem solving from those series… (weirdos!) LOL.” – Tabita



When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?


“I think it was 2012, when our relationship was on a break. I realized that she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and I don’t think I would want to spend it with anyone else.” – Andrew


“After the break, I told him that if we wanted to continue this relationship, then it better be serious or nothing at all. He then talked to my parents straight after I got back to Jakarta. So, I thought, this guy can really prove his words. Along the years, through the challenges, hard times, long distance, and working together, I saw how much he had changed, fought and sacrificed for our relationship that I knew this is the guy I can look up to, partner up with, and grow for the better with for the rest of my life.” – Tabita



Tell us your photoshoot experience with us!


“It was perfect, Aha and August never failed to always set the mood and made everything run smoothly.” – Andrew


“I knew Aha when he was in Axioo Express Bali and I was an intern in Banyan Tree Bali, driving him and his team around in a golf buggy. I saw, then, how good he was in lightening up the mood of the people, and how he was able to control the whole crowd in such a fun way. Having known that, I knew that we needed him for this most important day of our lives. He gets along pretty much with everyone and is able to create and stir certain moments when needed. So, yeah, we are grateful that we chose Aha. August is just as fun and also took part in bringing the mood up at all times, so the whole experience was a great memory to be remembered and that was really important to us.” – Tabita



What characteristics most describe Andrew?

“An intelligent and a loving man.” – Tabita



What characteristics most describe Tabita?

“Outgoing and loving.” – Andrew



Describe your relationship in 5 words.

“Always growing to be better.”

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