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What’s the story behind your baby’s name?
Baby Portraits of Ocean by William Xu
Feb 2019

Telling my baby’s name is like a game of ice breaker. Because people, even random stranger, would be intrigued enough to ask the story behind the name. The name Ocean was first given by my husband, and I was against it. I am the type of mum who cares enough for their kid to not get bullied in the school for their names. I even worried about how our parents are going to call her or relatives who are not even fluent in english.


The reason behind Ocean.


I tried looking for other names. Husband still stood firm on his ground though. Time passed by, and for you who have read on my pregnancy journey would have known that I did not have it easy at all. I thought i did, in the beginning. But come to third trimester, I was welcomed by a preeclampsia.


That was one of the toughest time in my life as my faith was really tested. I remember I was at my lowest point and I tried to comfort myself with songs that would encourage me, and a song by Hillsong titled ‘Ocean’ came up. It almost felt like as if all my worries and concerns are being answered through that song. God is good. And He hears our cries. He definitely heard mine and answered me through this song.


So Ocean Faithlynn was born and she was borned out of faith. Whenever our faith started to waver, we’d be reminded that we should have faith as deep as the ocean and to keep our eyes above the waves.




Mom Feli



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