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The Night Before Your Wedding Day
The Wedding Ian & Lettisia by Paulus
Feb 2019

Here’s to the brides-or-grooms-to-be,




Tomorrow is the day. You know you have to get enough sleep to be able get through tomorrow. Who knows how many hours you’ll have to be up on your feet. You know you have an early call time. But instead, you’ve been lying on your cold bed for quite a while now, your body refusing to respond to your mind’s desire to sleep. 


You’ve turned all your screens off an hour ago, after making sure that every little detail for your special day is taken care of, working so hard to avoid any avoidable problems. In fact, it has all been taken care of. You’ve had a whirlwind of meetings for the past couple of months, keeping you and your mind occupied. And now, you’re all alone with only your thoughts keeping you company. 


You lie on your bed with all the what ifs and the disbelief. Can you believe you’re getting hitched tomorrow?


You tell yourself that it is just a ceremony, but you can’t lie to yourself the fact that you’ve been secretly waiting for this your whole life. You’ve been trying so hard to keep your calm — not wanting to be deemed a Bridezilla or Groomzilla. But tonight, in the lonesome darkness, you just can’t help the rush of thoughts that come to your room uninvited. No matter how small you convince yourself this ‘wedding’ is, it still is a big deal. 


Even your make-up artists, photographers, or organizers don’t think that this is “just another wedding” that they have to go through. To them, every wedding is part of a unique love story. Your Wedding Day has its own personality, its very own highlights and lowlights and obstacles to overcome. It really is a big deal.


But wait, don’t forget what this is about, the very essence of this. Not only are you having a wedding tomorrow, but you get to marry the love of your life. Yes, you get to bring him/her home tonight. You finally get to spend the rest of your life with the person you’ll be holding hands for the whole day with tomorrow. 


So, these are your actual last moments of being single. Instead of listening to the abundance of thoughts that are inside your brain right now that might eventually lead you to a downward spiral of worry and worst-case scenarios, take some time to absorb in the reality of the things that you should keep in the back of your heart for tomorrow. Think of these as weapons that will help you get through the times you feel most overwhelmed:


Brides, take a deep breath, relax, be as uncontrolling as you can externally and internally. The purpose of having this wedding is to marry the love of your life, and everything else is secondary. The procession, dress, decor, and food will seem little compared to the long and healthy life you get to spend with your partner from tomorrow onwards. Don’t, for a second, forget the bigger picture.


Grooms, tomorrow, all eyes will probably be on your girl. The grown up guests will be mesmerized by every little detail that the bride wears on her body, and the children will want to be like this princess they’re seeing when they grow up. But, Grooms, do know this: that the eyes of this princess will only be fixed on you. And that will be more than enough.


So close your eyes, lovebirds. Count your blessings, and go to sleep. Everything will be okay tomorrow. Because while you hold the hands of your lover, those same hands will keep you safe for tomorrow, and forever. 





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