Photography : Tying The Knot
Through Every Wave
The Wedding Michael & Jemma by Will
Feb 2019

Waves can seemingly be pretty. As a child, we get excited about creating beautiful ripples in the water, throwing our little pebbles at just the right angle above the pond. The simple beauty of these tiny waves was enough to make our day.


Perhaps, if you got the chance to learn how to surf, you were taught how to look for waves, how to deal with them any time they decide to show up. 


Waves can bring us a sense of accomplishment, if we know how to ride them. 

But they can also defeat us, if we fail to handle them on our own and drown.

Waves can be very satisfying to look at. 

But, in great volumes, they can also bring about destruction and heartbreak.


Amidst all that, one thing is for sure: that we cannot stop the waves from coming. 


The only way out is to ride it, or to go through it. Not under, not over. Not around, but through.


‘Forever’ is an exciting—yet scary—word that lingers in the air on your wedding day. A promise that is uttered in front of the eyes of One and the ears of many. 


And the idea of ‘forever’ can seem like an endless blue ocean. 


With and all throughout its immensity, problems can come crashing to us like ‘waves’. Something we enjoy at the beginning of our journeys, like those tiny little ripples, can turn into something destructive and heartbreaking as our ties with our loved ones mature. 


So, when the waves come your way in the scope of your ‘forever’, will you be ready to let yourselves be drenched in salty water, as you go through them together? 


As you stand, hand in hand, in the middle of the great blue ocean, have the strength and courage to face the waves together as one, just as you vowed on your wedding day.


Because ‘forever’ is a big deal. It’s not easy, and it can seem like the great unknown, or like an uncharted sea. But have confidence in this: 

that the human heart was woven for ‘forever’, for Eternity. 

So, whatever the size of your wave is, 

however big or small, 

as long as you face them in light of this Eternity, 

both of you, and everything else

will surely be safe and alright.






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