Annual Christmas Celebration with AXIOO humans! by AXIOO
Dec 2018

“And this team here, this is our family. It’s where our paths cross professionally that touch our lives personally. It’s where freedom is encouraged and relationship is inspired. It’s where we feel at home.”







Most of us have a childhood home, a house that we grew up in, a place to come back to during the holidays.



A childhood home is where memories are made — memories that shaped us to become who we are today. It is where major life lessons are learned as obstacles and challenges were faced together as a family, and where relationships are made. It is where we once played make believe, where dreams of what we wanted to be when we grow up started coming to our imagination.



As we age and progress in life, change always comes… sometimes like a “welcomed guest”, other times like an “uninvited relative”. As time passes by, we grow out of our childhood houses, because those dreams that we had propelled us to move forward. So we grow up, and we move out. We keep on growing and going, paving our own paths, building our own lives, constantly looking ahead — because it is in our nature to grow, mature, and move forward.



But, amongst all that, we are still capable of missing certain things and moments. It is knitted in our design, that we would occasionally long for a place to return to.



Once in a while, even as we get caught up running our own races, we would want to trace all the way back to where we started. To go back and remind ourselves where we came from. To go back and remind ourselves of who far we’ve journeyed, that we’ve actually gone a long, long way from home.



Families mature and grow older. But it’s never wrong to go back to our childhood houses and remind ourselves of our dreams, or perhaps, realign our vision. Because dreams are always birthed to the young and fresh; yet it is always a choice to have that same young and teachable heart.



And so, this Christmas, we chose to go home.



The theme for this year’s Christmas party was “I’ll be home for Axioo Christmas!”. The idea behind it was that, instead of constantly looking forward, we would take some time during this wonderful season to not only have a little fun, but to also focus on our togetherness, and perhaps help getting everyone back on the same page. We realised that we have journeyed so far together, and that we didn’t want to keep on running without remembering what this is all about. So, this time around, we took our party down a notch and chose to have an intimate, cozy night-in instead.



We had Home Alone playing in the background, some unforgettably good meat to eat, shared our hearts out, until it was time to exchange cards. Yes, cards. The “stealing santa” gift exchange had been a core part of our Christmas parties for a couple of years. This time, though, we did a twist and exchanged heartfelt written words instead. As people roamed about the room, trying to find the faces whose names had been written on top of their envelopes, the atmosphere of the room felt different and new. Dedicating a few moments solely for giving love, honor, and appreciation to our fellow colleagues really does something not just to the hearts of the receivers, but also those of the givers.  



For us, that night was a heartfelt, special, and personal night that will forever be engraved in our hearts. The night we were reminded to not get too caught up with what we’re chasing or what we’re missing, that we forget that what’s in front of us is worth looking at, too.



So, this Christmas, let’s spend some time at “home”, where the dreams were first birthed. Let’s look back to the start, look at how far we’ve come, and look at the eyes of those beside us and say, “we’ve made it so far!”



Merry Christmas!




With love always,





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