Photography : Tying The Knot
The Wedding of Adrian & Meidelynn by Will
Dec 2018

The earth spins at a certain speed, life on earth moves at a particular pace. While the earth’s speed remains the same, people’s lives on earth don’t have to all move at the same pace.



There is no given time for you to finish university or have a stable career.

There is no given time for you to find your soulmate, get married, and settle down.

There is no deadline for you to get your life together.


Because, it’s cliché but true, that:


Good things take time.


Your relationship is a ‘good thing’ that takes time. You cannot hasten your way into love, just like you cannot rush the beautiful rising of the morning sun.


And if one day you find yourself swayed by how fast the world around you seems to move, remember that you have the opportunity to set your own pace; the pace for your work life, your personal life, and especially, your love life.


Walk to your unique rhythm. Embrace Time, as you would your best friend.


Love is timeless. It is unaffected by time, but reaches far beyond time to a realm full of wonderful possibilities — if only we would trust its process. If only we would trust our patient hearts and fix our ears to listen to the still small Voice that says, “one step at a time, love.”






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