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#RelationshipGoals: Inside Andy & Acha’s Relationship
Pre-Wedding of Andy & Acha by Aha
Dec 2018

It’s interesting how we all have the tendency to ‘follow’ something or someone in this life. We follow people on social media, we follow trends, we follow our leaders, our parents. The same goes with relationships. When you’ve found a couple to look up to—whether you realise it or not—you’ve created a mould, and your own relationship will (very likely) be shaped into that mould. Our view of dating and marriage, which has mostly been shaped by culture, might not always be healthy. Many have become lost and lose themselves when trying to fit into the mould; a mould that can sometimes lead to heartbreak instead of love, peace, and harmony. These days, if you’re not careful, you can easily be shaped by the culture’s mould, and it can dictate your love story for you.



This makes it important to set your own standards based on your own beliefs and values.



Andy & Acha—they have this in their hearts: they want to use the spotlight that’s on them to inject healthy relationship values to our society. Many have labeled them with #relationshipgoals, but being #goals sure is no piece of cake. There has got to be a process to go through if you want to defy culture—especially because it is an instant gratification culture that we live in, a culture that says you have to have what you want now, turning a blind eye to the importance process.



There are so many things we can extract from the wisdom that Andy and Acha have shared with their followers, as well as from the examples that they’ve set through their actions, not just their words. When culture says that long distance relationships wouldn’t work, they carefully laboured over each obstacles they were facing, creating a strong spiritual and emotional bond between them. When culture views attraction as mainly physical, Andy and Acha spent their time of getting to know each other by cultivating their connection spiritually. When culture tells you to make your partner feel jealous in order for them to prove their love for you, they choose to trust and commit to each other, giving their best to the relationship that they’re building.



Andy and Acha’s voices rise above the voice of culture and tells us that good and healthy relationships start with two healthy individuals with a healthy outlook on life. They believe that you shouldn’t abandon your dreams when stepping into a relationship. Instead, your partner should be able to help you grow as an individual. They believe that #relationshipgoals happens when you have a clear direction as a couple as to where you both want to go.



Life on the platform is never easy, but Andy and Acha sure know how to own their opportunity and use it to inspire beautiful things to spring out of our culture.



Are you ready to break the barriers and limitations of culture, too?



Do you realise that the ‘mould’ also applies to the culture surrounding pre-wedding photoshoots, too?



What are your #preweddingphotoshootgoals? For most people, when they start planning for their own shoot, they immediately start thinking of the ‘where’. Everyone around us seems to like having their photos taken in a foreign land, so we now automatically think of it as the ‘norm’. It has come to a point where studio photoshoots are almost rare. For Andy and Acha, however, this didn’t stop them. Their beautiful pre-wedding photos were taken by our beloved photographer, Aha, in a studio setting. By doing this, they need only spare a little bit of time in the midst of their busy schedules. There are also far more ideas and concepts to be explored in doing a studio shoot. Simple drooping layers of fabric can even do the trick!



If you’re looking for something fresh, simple, and less time-consuming for your pre-wedding photos, a studio photoshoot might be something for you to try.









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