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Together With You Is My Favorite Place to Be
Pre-Wedding & Wedding of Christian & Lusiana by Aha
Nov 2018

As the ages roll, it gets easier for our bodies to move from one place to another. Like our bodies, our minds are always on the move, constantly wandering to a place where all we think of is what’s next. And while we’re jumping from one place to another, we somehow caught a type of amnesia — we forget the most important things:



We forget that we have the freedom to live in the now.


We forget how to be lost in time.


We forget the feeling of being still and being sucked into a moment.



It’s not until we meet this one special person that we remember what it feels like to live in the now. They pull us back as we find ourselves running, telling us to stop and smell the flowers.


It’s the presence of this person that reminds us of how love can fill an entire space — that if we lean into that space, love can consume our hearts like a warm, burning fire.


And their absence just leaves us wanting more.


Slowly, as we move deeper into the relationship, the importance of the geographical position of our bodies starts to fade. It no longer matters where we are, we’re just grateful as long as we get to be with them, as long as we’re in their presence. We submerge ourselves in the art of simply being content with a person’s presence.


Throughout your journey, when everything else fails, remember that there were times when being physically ‘there’ for them is enough. Remember that your presence alone makes them feel at home. There is no further need to strive or try too hard to make each other happy. Just be with them, now.


The now matters, so remember to experience love just as it is.







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