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Beauty Portraits of Tasha by Herna
Nov 2018



conjunction \?n(d)


to indicate a connection, an addition.




conjunction \?r, ??r


to indicate an alternative, an equivalent.


I am a parasite. I was born to feed on a future dotted with infinite loopholes; a future that — although clear — remains vague, chalky and brimmed with a dozen questions. My entire life has been geared solely to prepare for this future; one that lies within my reach, is easily visualized and somewhat mapped out.


There was no exception to this. If I was to feed on a different future, it would mean bins brimming with moist tissues. It was a definite choice: I had to feed on the right future to make my family happy.


Although I feel like a sharpened knife deliberately placed in the furnace to melt, I am still the Sun amidst the frigid winter. It is my future — and my destiny — to save my blood from falling into another failure.


Because what many fail to realize is that it isn’t always about an ‘and’ or an ‘or’; it isn’t about greed or the desire for an alternative. It is about remaining on the destined route — even if all that entails is a plethora of phobias, and a curious mind that possesses different desires.


Inspired by Lang Leav’s “And/Or”





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