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5 Family Moments That Deserve Celebrations
Family Portraits of Eddy & Betty by Ivan
Nov 2018

We have a question for you. What memories do you remember fondly from your childhood? Was it something big, like being celebrated by your family for winning your very first medal, or was it something seemingly trivial, like when you had ice cream for breakfast and shared a good laugh with your family at the dinner table? In all of your fondest memories from your childhood, was your family present?


According to experts, all the memories formed during family time in childhood are valued by children and remain well into their adulthood. Memory plays a vital role in social, emotional and cognitive functioning in children. The common problem that turns into mistakes is that life can become so overwhelming that we forget to give our children the experience and great moments of real life of actually bonding with family. We let life get in the way so much that we miss the chance to build strong bonds with our children. 


We know this isn’t easy. But our children deserve a chance at a happy childhood and to have memories that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. And that starts with creating the opportunities to celebrate together as a family. Here are a few occasions to get you going:

  1. Birthdays. The day they came into the world was the happiest day of our lives. That was a big deal then, and it should be a big deal now. Celebrate their existence and shower them with more love than you do every day. 
  2. Anniversaries. Before you were a mom and dad, you were a husband and wife. Celebrate the start of your family and show your children that a strong marriage is the best gift you can ever give to them. Because, after all, your family did start with the two of you. 
  3. New addition to the family. The growth of your family is a great call to celebrate because your family will never be the same again. 
  4. Major milestones. Everybody love the big things. First events, highest achievements, biggest breakthrough – and every one of those is a cause to celebrate. 
  5. Little moments. Let’s not forget that life is made up of the little moments. In celebrating them, we’re teaching our children to appreciate the little things. 

Don’t let the years pass without giving your children a chance for creating memories that they can cherish later on, and perhaps even pass on to their children. You will be very glad that you did. 


We believe that pictures are a great way of freezing moments and to accommodate them long after we’ve forgotten. Moments will only become fond memories after they pass and that they are best remembered through good pictures. Be your family historian. Save the moments and be sure to provide a beautiful memory lane for your family to walk down on for generations to come.




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