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You’ve Got This, Momma
Maternity Portraits of Essy by Vania
Nov 2018

Being a mom is hard. From the second you find out you are pregnant and have to spend the next eight months feeling nauseous, uncomfortable, and tired all the time, until when your children are all grown up, being a mom is hard.


First, there’s the nausea and fatigue of sharing your body with your baby before having to push a 7 or 8 pound watermelon-sized baby out of a teeny, tiny hole, that even with an epidural or doctor’s help, that is still no walk in the park. Then you have to go through the newborn stage where you are more tired than you’ve ever been before, sleep only in two-hour increments, and constantly have some kind of bodily fluid on your shirt. You change endless diapers, feel like you are constantly feeding your baby, and if you have older kids who also need taking care of, you’re probably going to feel stretched very thin because they will ask you to play with them 1,000 times a day.


Most moms have days that start at 5am with kids that wake up way before the sun is out that last much longer after their children are fast asleep. To say a mom is tired is often an understatement.


When you’re juggling a million things in your hands and striking to find that balance, you will have moments where you feel completely overwhelmed and you find yourself in a survival mode just trying to make sure that everyone is fed and has clean diapers or undies on. You’ll find that you don’t enjoy being a mom, because it’s hard… having to wake up every two hours, or to eat standing up, or to keep your cool when you know you’re this close to flipping out, and you’ll wonder how you got here in the first place or how you’ll ever go on another day with only a few winks of sleep.


You’ll feel like you don’t have anything under control and you’ll feel like breaking down and cry… and that’s okay. That’s 100% okay.


Cut yourself some slack, Mom. Hide in that closet or that tiny corner in your kitchen where your children won’t find you. Scream. Cry. Let it out. Take a moment to release all your emotions. Then wipe those tears off your face and go back to tending your little ones.


Just because you are having a hard day where you just don’t enjoy motherhood does not make you a bad mother. It just makes you human. And you are not alone.


Yes, being a mom is hard. But don’t let that stop you from trying. Find your rhythm, Mom. Figure it out, and before you know it, you’ll find that the hard part is over. Because you’ve got this. You’ve got this 100%, Moms!



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