Photography : She Said Yes
Live, Laugh, Love
Prewedding of Willy & Jessica by Aldo
Oct 2018
  1. How did you two meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?


“We first met at our workplace in Medan. We were strangers and we didn’t have our formal introduction. It started from when one of our friends, teased me to chase after Jessica, however, I felt that it is impossible for her to fall for me. Until later on, Jessica happened to be the one who approach me to ask where to have a good meal nearby our workplace, and since then, I asked for her number and texted her every single day.” – Willy


“On our first date, we went to our friend’s birthday and a movie later on. It was a short date, but we talked non-stop and had the best day ever! Since then, I realized I might actually be falling for Willy too.” – Jessica


  1. Can you share some of your memorable dating moments?


“We have gone through a lot of hardships together, but what I remember most about them is how we were able to go through them together, hand in hand, even though everything seems like it’s falling apart. We believe that happy ending exists, waiting to be found on the other side.”


  1. What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember for always?


“I like her when she starts to nag and laugh. But the best thing I like most is when she eats and she feels happy afterwards. I love watching her feel happy.” – Willy


“I like Willy the most when he’s around me. I always feel so protected and he will always try to do something that I want.”


“The day Willy asked me to be his girlfriend, he talked to my mom for approval first. I find it quite rare to have a guy (who you’re going out with) asking your parents for approval thus it becomes the one of the best moments we have ever had.” 


  1. When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?


“I think it was in 2017 where we experienced quite a lot of hardships – and in the midst of it all we still wanted to be with each other because there is no better place than to be with one another. It is the place where we feel most comfortable.”


“About the proposal…. Well, actually Willy did not propose at all (rolling eyes) because he’s not the type of boyfriend that’s romantic at all. But there was this moment where he asked me to book AXIOO for a pre-wedding session, he knew since the very beginning that it was my dream to have AXIOO as our pre-wedding/wedding photographer. At that moment, I was shocked but I think I knew that’s when he sort of ‘proposed’.”


  1. What characteristics that most describe Willy?

“He is stubborn yet warm and lovely when you really get to know him.” – Jessica


  1. What characteristics that most describe Jessica?

“Whatever the situation is, she just has this kind of bubbly personality where she just laughs everything.”


  1. Tell us your photoshoot experience with us!


“We loooooved our photoshoot moments, it was one of the best moments in our life! Willy actually doesn’t really like to get photographed, but on our prewedding session, he enjoyed it so much I was quite surprised! We really love Aldo & Priska, from the very first location it was nothing awkward, we laughed quite a lot. We haven’t met Aldo & Priska before but like I said, it was nothing awkward, there are only laughing moments. We had our photoshoot for two days and we really had so much fun. We would probably be having another photoshoot with AXIOO!”


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