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Is there an ideal age difference between siblings?
Sisters Portraits of Naura & Neona by Keefe
Oct 2018

Moms, how soon after the birth of your first child did you start thinking about having another one? Let us guess, probably after you’ve gotten used to life fueled by cute baby giggles despite minimal sleep? The question of when is the perfect time for Baby #2 is on every parent’s mind, especially when you’ve found a good rhythm to dance to in your little family and when you realized that every tiredness can be paid off with a twinkle in your baby’s eyes. So, how long should we wait before having the next baby?


The truth is, there’s no cookie cutter formula to determine the perfect time between siblings. Some parents prefer to wait a little longer to give their first born their full attention until after he’s passed his golden years, some prefer to be “tired now, relax later” and have their children close in age, while others prefer to plan their children around their financial capabilities. We believe that however parents plan the birth of their second child, there will always be benefits to be reaped in the growth of their children.


Parents who chose to have their children closer in age have noticed that their children go through the seasons of their growth at similar times and enjoy more or less the same interests. While parents who chose to wait noticed their first born never missed out on social interactions despite of what people thought and that this arrangement gave parents the luxury to enjoy a few moments (or years) of downtime to recuperate – physically, mentally, and financially.


The more we think about this discussion of the perfect time between siblings, the more we realize that it’s actually less about time and more of parental capabilities. Instead of asking “when is the perfect time?”, we should be asking, “Are we ready?”


The best time to bring a new baby into the house is when you and your husband feel ready to parent another kid and manage a larger family, both emotionally and financially. Because when you create a home where there’s enough time, energy, attention, and attention to go around for everyone, it doesn’t matter what their age difference are. So the question remains, “Are we ready? Can we do that?” It’s really up to you to work out what age gap suits your family best.


Parents with more than one child, we’d like to ask you: would you have spaced your children’s ages differently? Please share your story and bless other parents with these questions on their minds.