Photography : She Said Yes
Blessed Beyond Measure
Prewedding of Owen & Daisy by Ivan
Oct 2018
  1. How did you two meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?


“We first met at Hillsong Church Brisbane in September 2013. The moment I saw her, I was like, ‘GOD, that’s my blessing!’ – Our first date was at SeaWorld, Gold Coast. It was fun!!! Daisy loves animals, so she was explaining all things about animal like a kid on a study tour hahahaha.” – Owen


  1. Can you share some of your memorable dating moments? By the way how long have you been dating?


“We dated for a little over 4 years and we got married in September 2018. We were on a Long Distance Relationship for about 3 years! Owen in Brisbane and I was back in Jakarta. To be really honest, there were a lot of memorable dating moments I couldn’t keep track of them!”


  1. What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember for always?


“I like Daisy because she’s beautiful inside and out! I remember that time when I had a fever, and I told her to go out with her friends because I could not hang out with her that day. Little did I know, she surprised me by taking a bus to my place, cooking for me and taking care of me.” – Owen


“I like Owen because he is a warm-hearted person, I will always remember the time when he surprised me by driving to my house and giving me a pair of socks in the middle of the night, because I told him I was very cold.” – Daisy



  1. Tell us more about you. What would a typical day for you be like?  What are your hobbies? Do you have something unique that you collect or spend on?


“Owen has many hobbies such as: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Movies, Eating and Travelling.

Daisy has many hobbies as well: Movies, Eating, Baking, Travelling, Korean Dramas. I think I mostly spend on skincare products hahaha! – our typical day would be starting off by praying before doing our activities. It’s important to put GOD first and to start your day with.” – Daisy


  1. When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?


“I think she really got me when she surprised me by taking a bus to my place, cooked and took care of me while I was sick. I knew she’d make an amazing wife!” – Owen


“After I first met Owen, I keep praying and asking God if he is the one. And somehow someway, no matter what situation we are in, we always find peace in each other. That is what made me sure about us.” – Daisy


“Owen proposed on the 18 January 2018 (18.01.18). I was so surprised by the proposal, because I thought he was only taking me to lunch to celebrate his birthday. The restaurant was full. He then told me he wanted to go to the toilet, so I was there sitting by myself thinking why the restaurant was full, because it was after lunch time and it was on a weekday. A waiter suddenly came to me and gave me an iPad and an earpiece. I looked at it, there were pictures of us, and he actually went to visit our dating places alone, holding ‘perfect’ lyrics signages. There’s also a video of him asking my parents’ permission. I shed tears. BUT! I was in for a bigger surprise. The song (perfect) ended halfway and suddenly those people in the restaurant started standing up, singing and playing instruments to the song. Owen came down from the stairs, proposed me with a long promise that he had prepared for months. And another surprise came afterwards! My friends also came down from the stairs holding the ‘Will you marry me?’ signage. I cried real hard. So touched by all of the effort and dedication he made.” – Daisy


  1. Tell us your photoshoot experience with us!


“To be really honest, it was tiring but super awesome! We realised that a great photoshoot session requires a great team, and we got the best team! Ko Ivan and Ce Winnie were awesome! They’re both so friendly, nice, helpful, kind and always know what we need. Ko Ivan has such a great eye, he knows the best spot to take photos, the best pose to be in, and always tries to make us feel relax and happy. He’s such an energiser for us all. Most memorable moment was definitely in Zermatt and Matterhorn. It was so difficult to walk in the snow, downhill and uphill, but Ko Ivan is always encouraging us, he’s like a happy ball. After we got back to Zermatt and prepared for our last photoshoot, it started pouring like crazy. And of course Ko Ivan and Ce Winnie were still so energetic and so helpful in everything. We ended the photoshoot at night, and it was so cold hahaha. And of course the results are AMAZING, we love all the pictures!”


  1. What characteristics that most describe Owen?

“Thoughtful, Faithful, Fun, Responsible, Organised, Charismatic, Cheerful, Smart.”


  1. What characteristics that most describe Daisy?

“Faithful, Innocent, Kind, Motherly, Smart, Well-rounded.”


  1. Describe your relationship in 5 words!

“We Are Blessed Beyond Measure.”




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