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3 Things For Squeezing in Some Mama-Time
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Sep 2018

Raising a child is a rewarding and joyful experience, but it can also be all-consuming. In between catching vomit or poop with your bare hands, putting them to sleep, chasing your kids, cleaning up, feeding them, before putting them back to sleep again, a mom often wonders who to fit time for herself when she hasn’t even got the time to even shower? Not to mention the mom-guilt that sinks in the moment she steps away from her baby – even for a split second to catch her breath, taking a moment for herself is a challenging feat for a new mother.  


What many of us don’t realize is that to take care of ourselves is not optional – it is necessary! The fact is, we can’t give what we don’t have. If we’re always running on empty, easily irritated, and constantly blowing a short fuse, we don’t have the capacity to guard our hearts and to keep it warm enough to grow our children in it. It can actually impact our relationship with our children and tend to bring out the best in them.


In the midst of the challenge, we’d like to offer a few tips for a mom to squeeze in some time for herself and reap the benefits from it.


Do what you love

Find a mix of activities that can leave you feeling balanced, happy and content.. Get sweaty at the gym or regroup with friends over coffee. Do whatever that puts a huge smile on your face and remind you of the person underneath the big and newly-acquired role


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Healthy people ask for what they need. If you don’t have any family around to help you, take turn babysitting with your other parent-friends. For example, you can take their kids this week, and they can take yours on another. Avoid the trap of believing that other people are too busy to help you.


Don’t forget to be grateful

Even if you feel like you’re living underneath a never-ending fog that blurs your vision, gratitude can change your perspective almost immediately. Take the time retreat in silence for a few moments – in the bathroom, in the garage, even in the closet – and acknowledge your blessings. Embrace where you are at that very moment and remind yourself to make the most of every morning.


To take care of yourself isn’t a luxury; it is essential. Self care is as much a vital part of motherhood as is taking care of your offspring. By paying attention to your own needs, you will be better at fulfilling everyone else’s.


So, how are you squeezing in some time to take care of yourself in the midst of everything motherhood throws at you?


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