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Pregnancy Stories of Catherine Sumitri
Maternity Portraits of Catherine Sumintri by William Xu
Sep 2018


I’m having my very first baby! I’m into 36 weeks and my baby boy is about to arrive very soon.


  1. Have you settled for baby boy’s name yet? If you have, what’s the meaning behind the name?


Yes, we have. We’ve decided on the name Aldrich. Not a very common name right? We love it because it means ‘a great leader.’


  1. Do you ever feel slightly creeped out by the fact that there’s something growing inside of you?


I really can’t say it’s creepy, but I would say that it’s amazing. It shows how wonderful the things God has created. Think about it, it started as the size of a tiny bean, and as time goes by, it’s as big as a watermelon!


  1. Has the baby already won your heart? Can you explain the feeling?


Of course! I fell in love with him from the very beginning. The connection we have is beyond anything I can imagine. Simply beyond words! His little heartbeat to his kicks. Powerful kicks! but I love how connected I feel to him through these little things.


  1. Any stories behind or during this pregnancy that you won’t forget ?


I love how excited I feel whenever we have our monthly check-ups. That’s for both me and my husband. Do you know that feeling? It’s like meeting up with your loved one. We get to see our baby from the little screen, his little hands and feet, hearing about how he’s doing, falling in love all over again. We love doing it and hearing about the things we should do to make sure he arrives healthy and happy.


  1. We know sometimes things don’t go according to our plans. Are you prepared to face such things?


Of course. We know for certain that not everything is going to go according to our plans. But we know we’ll be okay, and we are prepared.


  1. What’s the best thing being a mom-to-be like now?


Kids! Having one on my own is something I really look forward to. I’ve always loved kids in general, and to think that I get to have one on my own is a huge blessing.


  1. Any message for your beloved baby boy?


My dear baby A, please don’t ever worry about a thing. Mommy and Daddy will always have your back and will constantly protect you, for you deserve every bit of happiness in this world.


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