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Did I (finally) quit AXIOO?
by Fen Soong
Sep 2018

Ten years ago, I didn’t even think I would be in this position. It had been my dream job ever since I graduated from uni. I can still remember my friend, Kenny Goh, who introduced me to Awie (often called Kowi) and Fen as they were looking for a Sales Consultant. After the first interview, there were no news from them. I thought I didn’t get the job. Then I gathered my courage and asked Kenny about the status. Apparently, he told me the first interview didn’t impress them. Long story short, they called me again and offered me a second interview. I remember it was Tuesday, 9 AM at Starbucks Plaza Indonesia. I got so lucky it didn’t take long for Kowi to accept me.


I will never forget this moment where he asked me,

“So Kinsky, when can you start working?”

I replied, “Maybe next week?”

“I have a meeting at 2 PM, can you start working today?”

To be really honest, I wasn’t ready that day.. but to think that I was given a second interview really felt like grace.

My first meeting was with a beautiful couple named Charles and Fanny. I will never forget that day! 10 February 2009.


A week after I got accepted, Kowi & Fen left me for three weeks to US! They are the type of mentors who would force you to jump into the pool and you better learn to swim fast! At first, the team was only about 8 people and it was in Gandaria Office / The Soong’s residence. Can you imagine waking up every morning being late to think that bosses are already there? And after a year, they finally decided to move to Gading. Thank God, life became a little bit easier. If you look at AXIOO now, the team has grown so much bigger. More than 100 people! But, the culture remains the same. Going to work still feels like going to school.


Ever since then, I fell in love with the wedding industry. Though, I was super culun back then. I didn’t even know who Martha Stewart was. But, one thing for sure, I was and (still am) inspired by all the couple’s stories. I got to meet interesting clients, vendors and colleagues who became friends for life. Not to mention the clients who shared the journey of their growing family to us. It is truly a privilege. And last week when I was in Surabaya, I got to hang out with them even for a little while. Grateful for them!


Like I said earlier, working in AXIOO really felt like going to school. Waking up everyday feeling excited because other than work, you get to meet awesome people in AXIOO team. How lucky I was working in an office where 90% of the employees are female! Can you imagine an office full of emotional and unstable women with their PMS, endless gossips and jajan time?! LOL. I will remember that time when Kowi forbid me to work in the designers’ room simply because I was too chatty with everyone and I got them a little distracted. (re: deadline still needs to be met! ;p)


Looking back, I honestly could not believe I’ve been there for almost 10 years. Though, I did quit twice but always ended up coming back to AXIOO. Why? It’s nothing but the leaders. Having Kowi & Fen as leaders & mentors, I would say, they’re the best! They didn’t give me a job, they gave me life. Kowi is like a big brother that I never had, while Fen is like my guardian angel who always watches me wherever I go..


Together with this letter,

I would like to say THANK YOU.


Thank you Kowi & Fen for giving me that second interview which turned out to be a part of my life. (1/3 of my life to be exact).


Also to Tink and Wenny, my fellow colleagues whom I respect so much, who always have my back everytime we were faced with (endless) problems. Photographers and video team who always produce amazing stuff and make sales’ job easier. To my lovely Marketing and Sales Team, through sweat and tears, thank you for all your hard works! All those emails and chats during your holidays, and my sudden midnite chats, my heart is stuck with each one of you!


So, did I leave AXIOO? Yes, but AXIOO never left my heart.


I left my job there, but I also left my heart there. Forever I am AXIOOers :p number one, AXIOO’s biggest fan!


PS: (insert internal joke here ;p)




Kinsky Bunyamin


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