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The First 24 Hours with You
Newborn Photoshoot of Baby Ethan by William Xu
Aug 2018

Congratulations, you are a mom! The excitement of childbirth and overwhelming feeling of holding a new born baby in your arms can leave you feeling exhausted. Everything may seem like a blur to you, but that’s okay. You just brought a baby into the world and you should definitely take the time to rest and recharge… for the real work (and fun!) begins when you bring the baby home.


They say that all a newborn ever does is eat, poop, cry and sleep. While it does sound simple and really boring, you’ll soon find that it isn’t. Knowing what to expect from newborn babies will make the first day you spend at home together with him or her a little less overwhelming.

Your baby will cry.
That’s not news, is it? You probably already know that they will cry, but you might not know just how much… and how loud! Still, there’s no reason to panic. Check their diaper, change them, feed them, or simply hold them. Swing, sway, and sing if you must. They’re adjusting to their new world; the least you can do is to not panic and make them feel as safe as they were in the warmth of your uterus.


Your baby will sleep a lot.
Rule of thumb: never wake a sleeping baby. As much as you miss him when he’s dreaming away, don’t wake him up, no matter how badly you want to do it. Your baby needs his sleep to grow. Instead of checking on his breathing every few seconds, do yourself a favor and join him instead. As your body is healing from giving birth, rest is what you need to control that fluctuating hormone levels.


Your baby doesn’t need to eat very much.
The size of your baby’s stomach is the same as his fist. When you feel like you’re not feeding him enough, take a look at his tiny hands. Make a log the moment you arrive from the hospital to jot down his feeding times. Not only will this bring you peace of mind, it will also come in handy at your baby’s next doctor’s visit.

Aside from knowing about your baby, you also need to get to know yourself in this new season of life. Your body is recovering from the pains of childbirth, your mind is adjusting to this life, and you will find that taking care of a newborn – however simple their needs might me – takes up a lot of time, making it hard to fit in the basics, even for yourself. Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. Don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of your husband, your family, your friends or even your neighbors. Bringing home a baby life-changing and you shouldn’t expect to be able to do everything on your own the moment you walk through your front door. While you’re navigating through this change, however, remember to cut yourself some slack and give yourself a huge pat on the back. You just acquired the role of a lifetime! Congratulations again, Mommy!




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