Photography : She Said Yes
Synergy of Love
The Post-Wedding Session of Ryan & Marcellina by Donny Wu
Aug 2018

How did you meet and where? Do you still remember your first date? What was it like?

“We met in Melbourne and were introduced by a mutual friend. Our first date was in HK during my internship program with Citibank, Ryan, who at that time was studying in Shanghai flew to HK to meet me there for a quick dinner.” – Marcellina


What do you like most about each other? Is there a special moment that you will remember for always?

“I like Ryan for his patience, and also his composure when dealing with my temper. Hehe.” – Marcellina


When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?

“When I realized there would be no other man out there that have better composure and kinder than Ryan. Ryan proposed in a very Indonesian way, by speaking to my dad before my approval, did not end well on the first try but finally getting results on the 4th/5th try.” – Marcellina


What are the characteristics that most describe Ryan?

“Patient, stubborn, kind, composed, tolerant.” – Marcellina


What are the characteristics that most describe Marcellina?

“Stern, logical, witty, sensible.” – Marcellina


Describe your relationship in 5 words!

“Like a synergy, we cover each other’s flaws.” – Marcellina

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