Is There Such Thing As Perfect Match?
Journal by AXIOO
Aug 2018

Women go through life these days trying to find the perfect match – the one who was made for them, the one who exists just to be their life partners. They go through life searching for “the one”, moving from one relationship to another, falling in love, only to break up again the moment they find that “he isn’t the man I had in mind.”


At some point in a woman’s life – probably early on – she starts to weave her dream of the ideal man. These images may come from books or movies, from past experiences, or even from people who have touched her life before. With time and people she meets, as she grows, the image of this “perfect man” grows too. But the thing is, she doesn’t know what he looks like. So, she searches. Then compares whoever comes into her life with this man she had in mind. But then again, no man likes to be compared. Especially to an internal image of the ideal man. They are guaranteed to fail because no one can ever live up to a fantasy.


When you compare him to the man you have in mind, he will be disappointed, but so will you. If you ask us, that man in your mind has to go.


Instead, you should open your eyes to what’s really in front of you and try to appreciate him for the man he really is.


Everyone is a work in progress. Everyone is unique. One man’s perfection can be another man’s weakness. There can be no perfect man, only an ideal one. But no man can ever be ideal if he’s compared to a fantasy. And ideal – it’s discovered. It lives in the little imperfections, in his uniqueness, in his quirkiness, and even in his brokenness, just waiting to be found. It’s achievable only through hard work, through constant communications, through commitment and sacrifice. But it starts from seeing him for who he really is – not compared to anyone or to any mental image – just him, wholly him.


When you open your eyes – maybe, just maybe – then you’ll see that a little glimpse of perfection. The perfect match. The perfect husband. He may not be perfect on his own, but he may just be perfect for you.







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