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Don’t Be a Sore Loser
Asian Games 2018 Project by Keefe
Aug 2018

Have you ever met someone who just has to win – at work, at fun games, or even life in general? They just have to win and they can’t stand it when there’s someone else who is better than them. They’ll make excuses when they didn’t win and being happy for the winner is an unthinkable reaction that can only be masked by having an excuse. We hate to say it, but we all have that one person in our lives, don’t we?


Life isn’t about competition, but competition is inevitable in life. Everybody loves to win. It’s a great feeling and that to indulge in it doesn’t require any specific training. To deal with disappointment, however, does. We believe that the skill to cope with competition, no matter the outcome, can be achieved through intentional training towards good sportsmanship. And involving children in a game of sports is a good way to do it.


When you involve your children in competitive sport, you have the chance to teach them to win without gloating, to respect their opponents, to keep their focus on the game, and even to lose gracefully. You can encourage them to play for fun – and that winning doesn’t equal being good and losing doesn’t equal being bad. You have the opportunity to open their minds about receiving feedback when they’re falling behind and to think of ways to improve, as well as to be flexible and graceful when they lose. It’s values that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Don’t let them grow up to be sore losers. Don’t let them be that kid who just has to win, or else… Don’t let them grow up to be that person you can’t stand because they just can’t stand to lose. Involve them in competition so you can teach them to focus on the joys of doing good work, of giving their best, and on the fun he’s having. Teach them what it means to be a winner – no matter who won or who lost.


Our BabyAXIOO studio is also gearing up to welcome the Asian Games 2018! Want to let your children be the #EnergyOfAsia for a few hours?

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