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Give Them Some Space
Family Portraits of Ferry Salim by by AXIOO
Aug 2018

“You want to become a WHAT? What is a photographer even going to eat?!”

Now change the word “photographer” with any other jobs that is available in the market today that didn’t even exist when your parents were growing up: social media manager, digital marketing executive, media planner, client services, just to name a few. Sounds a little too familiar?

Many of us at AXIOO know this all too well. Some of us were business people or lawyers before we were photographers and some computer scientists before we were editors. We never planned on being here, and yet, we know that this is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Because here, it’s never about a career path or “making it”, it’s about working for passion. We changed professions to suit our passion and not the other way around. It’s not easy to choose a way of life that our parents didn’t understand let alone approve of. It wasn’t easy then and it still is a struggle now sometimes. However, some of us were lucky to have received full support from our parents from the very beginning. We look to those parents and their children to find a thing or two that we can learn from and possibly apply to our children later on, because who we are, is after all, a product of someone’s parenting.


Give children time and space to go after what they want.

We imagine that it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do to let our child go wander around into unchartered territories that you knew nothing about. There would be too many uncertainties and you would be filled with so much doubt. But space is a love language that is often overlooked, so while it might worry you, know that you’re doing it because you love your children.


Always try to be relevant

Times are changing. There are many jobs now that didn’t exist when we were growing up and roles that have evolved to keep up with the industry. If our children end up going for something that we never even thought about before, we should be able to allow them the freedom of choice to go after what they want.


Teach them values of life

Children only belong to their parents for a short period of time. After that, they are their own persons who are free to do whatever they please. Don’t let them miss out on life simply because they’re trying to win your approval. Instead, teach them the values from early on – that life is meant to be lived to use your God-given gifts, talents and abilities to the fullest and that the ultimate goal in life is never about how much money you make or how famous you are; it’s about bringing glory to His name.


Some of you might still find yourself being the child, some of you still have a long way but are starting to think about how you’re going to raise your child, and some of you are there… but please allow us to offer a gentle reminder from what we have learned: Passion is the best protection you can ever give your children, because when they’re passionate about something, they’ll be so focussed that their eyes will not wander to the bad side of the world.


Wishing you the best of luck,




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