Videography : She Said Yes
Two Doves, Two Lilies, Two Butterflies
Prewedding Film of Michael & Sarah by by Kalvin Ananda
Aug 2018
Two doves upon the selfsame branch,  Two lilies on a single stem, Two butterflies upon one flower: Oh happy they who look on them! Who look upon them hand in hand Flushed in the rosy summer light; Who look upon them hand in hand And never give a thought to night.

I have always loved Black and White photography/videography. There is this timeless and classic feel to black and white frames. And to me, this video speaks so much about how classic brings old memories while capturing the present. I think this PreWedding Video might answer some couples’ worries of having their videos shot fully on Black & White. Black & White is just so soulful 🙂







MUA: Marlene Neysa |

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