Photography : Tying The Knot
Fun in the Rainy Chaos
The Wedding of Bernard & Cynthia by Aha
Aug 2018

Hi, everyone! Aha here.



Look how pretty Bernard & Cynthia’s wedding invitation is! The combination of gold and white is just right. They prepared me these little details to shoot and I really appreciate it! I always love to shoot details.


Remembering that they thought of this small detail, I feel like they’ve prepared their wedding really well. When I came early at the venue, I could see how amazing everything was; the wooden floors, the garden, the warm lightnings–the whole ambience is romantic. Everything was well set.


Then, something happened. Every bride & groom’s worst nightmare had to happen. For some reason, the rain decided to show up that day. It was pouring rain during the party. I could tell the decoration was pretty much soaked up and all guests had to scramble to roofed areas to shelter them from the rain. For a moment, it was chaotic.


I can tell Bernard was a little stressed, which is pretty normal. But both he and Cynthia tried to take it slow and easy. Everyone obviously panicked and tried to execute plan B, but Bernard & Cynthia successfully managed to stay calm in the midst of chaos. When the rain reduced to a drizzle, they asked for a housekeeper’s assistant to mop the dancefloor so they could have their first dance together. For them, that’s what matters the most.

“Once you’ve learned to play in the rain, you can dance through the storm together.”

This quote perfectly describes how I feel about them. They played well when the rain fell down. In the future of their marriage life, they will be able to dance through any stormy day.





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