Photography : Tying The Knot
Who Should We Prioritize?
The Wedding of William & Griselda by Paulus
Jul 2018

William & Griselda’s wedding went so smoothly. I had a great time photographing them! While flicking through their pictures, I wondered about the story behind the wedding, how many compromises which resulted in many beautiful weddings like theirs. Wedding planning also involves the in-laws, since wedding is not only the union for the soon to be bride and groom, wedding is also the union for the 2 families.


Your wedding is not a one time event. It’s the start of your marriage life that everyone remembers. If you’re off to a bad start, the discussion will be repeated over and over again. The last thing we want is your parents saying, “your brother’s wedding is better.”


If your in laws/ parents dominates any arrangement, prioritize the best arrangements for the main family only. That includes you and your spouse’s mother, father, brothers, and sisters. In some situations, both families have to make their own sacrifices.


As the bride and groom, you both should play as the mediators. Call your brothers and sisters! Of course, they would help you talk to the parents too.


Don’t worry. As long as you communicate everything with cold head, everything should be fine. Your wedding would be a great start to the new chapter of your life.




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