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Family Portraits of Juan Mogi by Ivan
Jul 2018

My name is Juan Mogi. I have a wife named Lusia and a daughter named Charissa. This is the family that I am blessed with.


I used to be the kind of person that rarely spends time at home. I was a goal-oriented person and was very active back when I was still in school, so my schedules were always so tight and busy. I used to enjoy my days of being out of the house seven days a week and when I do find time to be at home, I’d use the time to work. On top of it all, I was a frequent traveller. I finally settled down and got married at the age of 29 and have been married for 16 years now.


When I got married, my eyes were opened to something called ‘value’.


The meaning of value itself is simple. It means something we believe, appreciate and stand for, and I found out that the value of family is a very important value. So with that, I put God as the highest position in value, family comes after that, and as for work, which I used to prioritize more than anything, I put beneath all of them. A friend once said that no matter how high my position is, but if I stand alone without my family beside me, it would mean nothing. It’s true.


There was a year when I had to be in the hospital due to a sickness. I had to be there three times in that one year. My wife was the only person who stayed with me. During a dark time when I was heavily pressured and is in a difficult moment in my work, my wife was the one who comforted me. These are only two of the many times I was privileged enough to be able to value my family.


From those moments on, I had a change of heart. I changed my schedules and the way I work. My schedules are put together around my family’s needs. I went from work oriented to family oriented. I prioritised family times, holidays with family and I find myself enjoying moments with my family.


To me, family pictures are important. I’d take family pictures in any occasions possible, print the pictures out and displayed them in multiple places where I can see them. I’d put them up in my house, my office, sometimes social media, and even put them up as my screen wallpaper. It might seem old school to still be printing photos and displaying them up for the world to see, but for me, family photos are mementos. They remind me about the things and values I hold dear, and to me, that is family.




Juan Mogi

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