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To The Guy Who Always Takes Care of Everyone
Prewedding of Victor & Nadia by Will
Jul 2018

How did you meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?


We first met at a Korean restaurant along with a bunch of our friends who purposely had the meeting arranged to fix us up. We’ve been talking for two weeks before then but because he lives in Bandung we never got the chance to actually meet. It was awkward at first because I didn’t know whether to act like I know him because we’ve been talking or to shake his hand as if we only just know each other.


Our first date follows around a month after that. It was around Lebaran and the city was peaceful and quiet. He drove all the way from Bandung to Jakarta and back for our short date. We were driving around the highway when we randomly decided to ice skate at a nearby mall. Since then we just couldn’t resist not to hop on the ice every time we see a skating rink.


Can you share some of your memorable dating moments? By the way how long have you been dating?


We travel a lot ever since we got together, around 20 months now. Victor would sneak me along his business and family trips and we always find time to go somewhere together. We never have a fix itinerary planned down the minute, we love to just stroll around and experience the city as they unveiled themselves for us. We love trying the local cuisines and hunt for Asian food by the third day, long drives and late night walks. I also always enjoyed all the ski trips we took with his family!

What do you like most about each other?


I could list down many little things I wish he would change about himself but in the end he is one of the best person I’ve ever met. He has a genuine and kind heart for people. He would always be the one who takes care of everyone’s everything, including me. Even after many months together he would always shower me with thoughtful surprises. He never insisted me on changing anything about myself. Through many of our arguments, there were times I could’ve shown more kindness, but after every fight he would always choose to only see the best in me and he always chose to stay.


Tell us more about you. What would a typical day for you be like? What are your hobbies?


I am a florist and I run my own flower shop. I would spend my mornings with my dogs before driving up to the shop to do some flower arrangements or conduct flower classes. We would always call every night before we sleep, usually while I’m reading my book or watching a movie and we would let the call be on until morning where Victor would give me morning messages before he leaves for work.

When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?


I had a feeling that he would soon pop the question but wasn’t exactly sure when or where he would do it. We arrived in Lucerne around noon where we would meet my friend Nadine who was then bringing another friend who is a photographer. Claiming that she tagged along to shoot the lake for her school project. I wasn’t suspicious at all because usually when Victor has a surprise up his sleeve I would smell it from a mile away but that day he seemed calm and content. We walked around until we got to the lake. I was admiring the view before he hugged me from behind and blurted our noises which I make out to be ‘Nadia Mavis, would you marry me?’ he was so nervous he didn’t even say it clearly nor make it to the speech he had prepared. It was ecstatic and I felt so happy that he would want to spend forever with me.


How’s your photoshoot experience with the photographer? Can you share us the photoshoot moment you won’t forget?


We’ve got so many warnings from our friends about going on a prewedding shoot. How tiring and stressful it is and how relieved you would be after everything is done. But our experience with Will wasn’t like that at all. During our second day shoot in Nice, it was raining cats and dogs and wind was blowing for 40km/hr. I was feeling quite disappointed as the wind kept blowing and ruining my hair, I felt like giving up and just head back to our rooms as we already got plenty of great shots in Seville. But Will persevered and continued to find us some great locations to shoot while also lifting up our moods and not letting our day be ruined by the weather. He would jump around here and there scouting for nice spots even when the wind was blowing at him like crazy. There was one time where he was almost hit by flying chairs! Even after we got home, he would stage an indoor shoot for us with the props lying around the house. It doesn’t feel like work at all. At the end I didn’t really put much thought at how the photos will turn out because I trusted him and I know I was going home with a lifetime experience that I will take with me forever. The whole thing felt like a crazy trip with a long lost friend. On our last day we ordered Thai food takeouts and eat together at home where we chatted and laughed and watched a movie together, forgetting that the wind is still blowing outside. It was hard to say goodbye to it all, but it is great knowing that we still stay in touch!

Why did you choose Seville & Nice for prewedding photoshoot?


We visited Nice merely 5 months before the shoot and we were absolutely in love with everything! How the weather was perfect and how we could just stroll around everywhere in that little city. Everything was so effortless and just perfect for our shoot as we wanted the overall theme to be light and easy. Seville was a city we’ve never been before but there’s a charm about it that we really love as we also wanted to go somewhere different.


What characteristic that most describe your partner?


Victor is gentle, patient but child-like at the same time.


Describe your relationship in 5 words!


Effortless, comfortable, genuine, free, loving

Location: Seville & Nice




MUA: Shylvana Cynthia |

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