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3 Tips For Traveling With A Baby
New Portraits of Baby Bianca by William Xu
Jun 2018

Who says that we have to give up our dreams to travel the world just because we had a baby? Yes, traveling with children – babies, especially – may sound like a lot of work, and it actually is, sometimes. But there is such joy to be found the hassle. Heart pumping and adrenaline in the running around, exploring new things, trying to be spontaneous while still maintaining the regular routines, even if only the really important ones like feeding and sleeping time. Ask anyone who’s ever traveled with a baby if it was a lot of work and they’ll reply with a confirmed, “Yes.” But ask them if they’ll ever do it again, and they’ll reply with a resounding, “Absolutely!”

Everyone who’s ever gone on a holiday with their babies come home with aching backs and aching feet but with hearts oh-so-full. The tiredness they feel after every holiday can never overpower the joy that rushed through their veins.

We asked a few parents to share some tips about traveling with babies and they’re so helpful that we want you to know about it too.

  1. Preparation is key.

Be sure to do a thorough research on the place you’ll visit, like how you can get around, what you can do there, and the most convenient or kid-friendly places to stay. Use that to create a detailed planning for your trip, such as length of stay, mode of transportation you’ll use, schedules and itineraries, and so on. Decide also on the best time to actually leave on your holiday. If you’re given the choice for best time to fly, choose a flight closest to your baby’s sleeping time so you can have a little bit of peace at the start of your vacation.

Don’t forget to plan all the things you need to bring. Carry a change of clothes for your baby, as well as for yourself and your husband because you never know when your baby will make a mess. Bring the things that your baby needs to stay comfortable – his binkie, his blankie, her dolly, her giraffe, his chew toy, his pillow, even the book that you usually read to him before bedtime to soothe him. Remember that a safe and comfortable baby is usually a happy one, so make sure that you don’t leave home without the things that bring him comfort.


  1. Stick to routines.

Try not to go off routines too much, whenever you can. By routines we mean the basic ones, like eating and sleeping. Try to let them have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their usual times and to let them nap whenever they feel like it. Do this so you can maintain stability and go back to your usual routines when the holiday is over.


  1. Savor every moment.

Leave home with the right expectation: expect that it’s going to be a lot of work, expect that you’ll be tired, and expect that you’ll have a great time investing in the lives of the people in your family. Absorb every event, take lots of pictures, collect moments, for these are the things that will become precious in the years to come.


There’s really no reason to give up traveling just because you have a baby. In fact, that’s all the more reason to travel the world – to open up horizons and to show your children just how big and rich and beautiful our world is.




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