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Make Family Quality Time
Irwan & Becky Family Portraits by Vania
Jun 2018

Why is spending quality time with family important?

Because time spent with family is my ‘life booster/energizer’.

As we become adults with obligations of life, I realized more and more that what we live for is ourselves and FAMILY. That is what’s first and foremost; My Family–My husband and daughters. They are my whole life.


Can you offer any interesting thoughts /experiences you can share about making time with your family in the midst of all the busyness?


If you ask me what I look forward to the most in my daily activities, there are two. They are sports, and quality time with my husband and kids.


And this is true that a long time ago, I used to work everyday with no rest and I finally became exhausted to the point of having an emotional breakdown. The biggest reason of it all? I simply lacked time with my girls! It was many moments compiled of missing my husband and my girls.


So now I really make time, about once or twice in a year to travel. Just the four of us! Getting lost somewhere, exploring new places, and really enjoying each other’s company.





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