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Age Was Just A Number
The Wedding of Gunawan & Prisillia by Paulus
Jun 2018

How did you meet and where? Do you still remember your first date, what was it like?

“We knew each other from our mutual friend. We met for the first time at a place called Cloud, The Plaza over a dinner where he said he likes from the moment we met. Honestly, I couldn’t hide the fact that from when I saw him I realized that he’s also my type. But, I didn’t know his age that time because of his baby face. When I found out that we are 13 years apart, I completely freaked out and directly blocked his WhatsApp (sorry, babe!). But, just like a kid who wants their toys, he was so persistent. It made me unblock him a week later out of pity (LOL!). I thought he wasn’t going to look for me anymore but little did I know, he has been contacting me nonstop. Then, fast forward to our first date. Gunawan or Gun (that’s what I usually call him) asked me out to eat Bakmi at Kelapa Gading. It was such a sudden brunch session and I had no time to take a shower (hahahaha). So, with no shower and makeup we went out. Later on, he told me that I was one of the things that got him really interested in me. So, first date: no romantic at all!”

Can you share some of your memorable dating moments?

“I could never forget moments on my birthday where we had dinner at Valentino and he gave me a little present in the car and had some drinks at Cloud afterwards. Turned out we drank ¾ bottle of Maccallan just for the two of us. That was the first time we had our deep conversation, from heart to heart. Also I will always remember when we spent our Valentine’s day. Instead of having a nice fine dining, we had dinner at Gun’s house. We were on mayo diet that time so we had to prepare our own meal. We decorated the room and the table, turned on the music and the ambience that day was so romantic. But, I couldn’t forget how the meal tasted so awful that we had to stop eating and we danced instead, cause eating would have ruined the whole romantic vibe we were having. It was the first time for both of us danced like that. With a romantic music playing in the background, candles lit all over the room, that day was perfect. Without me knowing, Gun was thinking about proposing me in a week, and he was afraid that the plan he made couldn’t be more romantic than that day when we danced.”

What do you like most about each other?

“She is the kind of person that’s very cheerful but also clingy. So, every time I got back from work she would cheer me up. And we share the same affection on pork and noodles. Which is a good thing!” – Gunawan


“He takes care of me and always gives his best to make me the happiest person on earth.” – Pris



Tell us more about you! What would a typical day for you be like?  What are your hobbies? Do you have something unique that you collect or spend on?

“Our typical day usually would be waiting for Gun to come back from work, then we’ll just have dinner together or maybe go out watching a movie or hanging out with some friends, or maybe just having a lazy day at home together. Gun and I like to read books, play board games, watch movies, and also play poker with some friends.”

When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? Did he propose? How was the proposal?

“I realized I want to spend the rest of my life with him when I accidentally read his letter to his dad (who already passed away) because at that time he missed him so much. He made a promise to his dad on that letter. When I read it, I just knew he is the one I’ve been looking for this whole time.” – Pris


“I realized when I knew we share the same value of life and we get along pretty well in terms of characteristics. One time, I asked her to go to my uncle’s house, we passed through my old house where she had to walk 15 minutes long cause we couldn’t drive through the small, narrow road. It was pouring rain but when she saw my house (a super humble & tiny house), she said some words to me and then I knew she was the one.” – Gun

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