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Things That We Love of Having Lots of Kids
Big Family Portraits of Eka & Rofida by Ivan
Jun 2018

“Many children, many blessings.” We grew up with that saying. And we’re convinced that there’s a scientific rationale behind it. You see, long ago, people were farmers. The more children they had, meant more people to work the land, hence bigger harvest, which meant bigger blessings. Makes sense doesn’t it? Still even when we were no longer a farming society, it’s very common for us to see older generation of families with seven, eight, or even more than ten children. However, the thought of having too many children scares us. How are we supposed to divide our attention and our already limited time equally among the children? How will we manage? We’re convinced that to parent many children is not for the faint of heart. We had the chance to sit down with Zaskia Adyamecca and her large family about what it meant to live in a home with many children. She’s highlighted so many positive sides to it that we’re beginning to think that many children does indeed equal to many blessings.

First of all, having many children means there’s so much love. If there are more people to love, it also means there are more people to love us back. Children may fight and argue and drive their parents half insane, but they can never stand to be too far away from each other. And just watching that is enough to fill our whole hearts with love.


Secondly, there’s never a dull moment in the house. There’s always something going on, and loud sounds around the house, but a home filled with open heart chatters is always more comforting than a house that echoes silence.

Last but not least, growing up in a large family teaches our children about compassion naturally. They learn to lend a helping hand. They learn to respect and to tolerate. The older ones have the chance to be role models and the younger ones get the chance to thrive on compliments. They learn that the world rarely revolves around them and they learn what it means to love.


After this brief talk with her family, having many children doesn’t seem too bad after all. However, it is humbling to see that every move and decision that a parent makes will influence their children in some way. As parents, whether we are brave or just a little bit scared, we need to decide how many children we’re willing to commit too. Many children may mean many blessings. But every child comes with their own blessings, and that should always be enough for us.

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