Videography : Tying The Knot
A Love That’s Always There
Willy & Yessica Same Day Edit by AXIOO
May 2018

The talkative, decisive and caring Yessica met the fun, easy-going Willy  through her best friend Gracia which happens to be Willy’s cousin. They dated for a year before finally decided to tie the knot. The wedding was packed with loved ones. Dearest friends and family who spent the day laughing and blessing for Willy & Yessica. We are so grateful that they chose us to be a part of their special day. Congratulations, Willy & Yessica! We wish nothing but prosperous marriage ahead!


“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.” - Rumi








MUA: Adi Adrian | @adiadrianbeauty

Dress: Hian Tjen | @hiantjen

Wedding Organizer: One Heart Wedding Jakarta | @oneheartweddingjakarta

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