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Marry Someone Who’ll Be There On Your Darkest Times
The Prewedding & Wedding of Winson and Vania by Aha
May 2018

I knew Winson for quite a long time. In fact, he’s probably the longest friend who’s been sticking around with me up until now. Our first meeting was in Junior High, but we weren’t that close back then. We met again in college and he has become my ‘personal driver’ ever since. LOL! Believe it or not, Vania is the first girl Winson dated that I have ever known since we became friends. Meaning, he was single for 14 friggin’ years! Back then, he had a habit of falling in love with a girl who is already in a relationship. Didn’t know what was on his mind but don’t ask me, I still have no idea. D’oh. But thanks to this weird habit of his, we became really good friends and everytime he was into someone and got his heart broken, he always took me to Karaoke. (We even have a compilation called Kompilasi Bunuh Diri. HAHAHA).

It was way back at Axioo that Winson and Vania (or Icon and Vance we usually call them) had their first encounter, unexpectedly leading to a beautiful two and a half year long relationship. When Icon finally got interested with Vance, I was sort of skeptical. I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere because Vance was already in a relationship with someone else. I said to Icon, “Ah udah lah ini mah kompilasi bunuh diri lagi” annoyingly. And to be really honest, I wasn’t the cupid mama. Shoutout to Aveline for being the ‘mak comblang’ for Icon & Vance. Long story short….and one thing led to another….they finally got really close and managed to make it official. I was like, “Ih, OK juga lo, Con!” smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t be happier for both of them!

I met Vance for the first time at Axioo and we got to know each other better since she moved to the same apartment as mine and I was always shamelessly third wheeling them most of the time. We also happened to be working in the same department and that was when I got closer to this pretty-looking-but-the-attitude-is-not-that-pretty lady. The more I know her, the more I know she is unlike any other women. She is secure being herself, she is a very chill bride-to-be, she likes to joke around and I would say, shy is not even in her dictionary. She also likes to make weird sounds, LOL, at least that’s what I think. Don’t be fooled by her lady-like look she portrays, she is far from it. HAHAHAHA. Her javanese nature and accent are two of the things that make her unique and ngangenin.


If I’m not mistaken, I was introduced to Vance during the darkest times of Icon’s life. It was when Icon’s parents passed away, Vance would stay by his side giving him the support he needed. From that moment on, I knew this girl is the one for Icon. I remember when we met at Icon’s mom’s funeral and I thought to myself, how good God is to Icon, he sent Vance at the very perfect moment. She was like an angel, sent by God to take care of Icon at his worst times. Apparently, I was not the only one who thought of that, most of his friends said the same thing. And we couldn’t be more grateful for her.


So, 2 years have gone by, and we were to hear that they’re engaged. We were ECSTATIC when we heard that the wedding will be held in New Zealand! It was Icon who came up with this idea, and as you all know, Vance is a pretty adventurous lady. I guess New Zealand is the perfect place for their union. I gotta give 4 thumbs up for all the details that Vance designed by herself and all the material of the details were selected by the control-freak, Icon hahaha. The wedding was super duper beautiful and I believe that was one of the most heartfelt weddings I’ve ever attended. I felt like crying the whole day! (Trust me, I’m not biased. Blame it on the hormones!)

I will always remember that morning when we were getting ready, Icon asked me to check on his wedding vow. I just couldn’t hold my tears, I am so proud of what he became now. Vance definitely brings the best part of him. I wished his parents could have joined us that day, but again they must have witnessed everything from up there. It was a divine moment when Icon stood by the window, wiped off his tears while looking to his parents’ picture before he met Vance. You should see Icon when he saw Vance for the first look that day, he bursted into tears and Vance tried to comfort him. It was definitely my favorite moment of the day.

I have heard million, zillion times people promise to stand by their spouse for better or worse. But this time, I witnessed Vance who stood by Icon through his worst times even before they got married. (and will continue to do so until death do their part).


So, to Icon….


“If someone sticks by your side through your worst times, they are the ones who deserve to be with you through your best times!”


Please take care of Vance ya, Con. I know being married to each other is the best thing that has happened to each of your life!


Icon and Vance, congratulations on your ‘trilogy’ marriage! (LOL!) I am so honored to be a part of your life. Praying that your marriage will be more beautiful than your wedding.


Love you dear thy neighbors,




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