Dear, Mom…
Journal by AXIOO
May 2018

If you look back on your childhood and see your relationship with your mom, what do you see? Do you see that time you threw a fit because she didn’t allow you to have what you wanted? Or that time you got so upset with her and yelled out the words you regretted because she said “No!”? There were a lot of good times, but there were also many heartbreaking moments that you never understood. Until you became a mother yourself.


The moment your children got on your nerves and you struggled to control yourself, you hear yourself speak the exact same words your mother spoke to you years ago. And suddenly, you understood why.

When your children got the best of you and you were pushed to the edge of your sanity, you wondered how your mother did it, and your heart was instantaneously filled with gratitude. For raising you right. For saying “No” at that time. For being her. Even when we don’t say it as often as we should, even if we realized a little too late, let’s never let another day go by where we take our mothers for granted.


We’re inspired by mothers who work the long shifts tirelessly, without complaining that their job often goes unappreciated with minimal thank-you’s. On this International Mother’s Day, we want to give children a chance to express their gratitude to their mothers; to intentionally pour out their hearts and tell their mothers how grateful they are to be raised by them. It’s interesting to watch their innocence and honesty, wherein they express that it was the moments of quiet and rest, the adventures they go on, and the togetherness they share that went straight through the heart and into the memory bank, and we realized that it’s actually the little things that are done with heart that shapes their children to the person they are today.


To every mothers, young or old, new or seasoned, working or not-working, we are grateful for you. For your heart. For your hands. For your eyes and ears. Because it is you who are shaping the world, one little lives at a time. Happy International Mother’s Day.

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