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The Story of Jed
Jed Portraits by Keefe
May 2018

How did you choose Jed’s name?

“My husband (Joe) chose the name. So, we were at the Hillsong Conference, I was in my 7-month pregnancy and haven’t thought a lot for the baby’s name. Until on one session, the pastor asked us to pray for your next person, your friends, your spouse or your family. After the prayer, Joe told me God whispered one name “JEDIDIAH”, then my reaction was.. like errr.. are you sure? That is one long name, sounds uncommon and I didn’t know what that meant. I asked Joe what does it mean? He also had no clue. And then we googled that name, apparently it’s only mentioned once in the bible. It’s a given name from God to Solomon and the meaning is a friend of God.”

My favorite thing to do with Jed is….

“Definitely naptime! I’m always at the office during weekdays, so on weekends I look forward to taking naps with him in the afternoon. It makes me feel intimate.”


What song reminds you of Jed the most?

“His fave song would be ‘Daddy Finger’ but in my opinion it’s actually ‘Flashlight’ by Jessie J, LOL! During my pregnancy, Joe and I used to do karaoke with this song a lot that even during labor contractions he still wanted to sing that on Smule with me. I was so annoyed I wanted to throw the phone at him. Ha!”

Jed’s favorite food is…

“Yoghurt, milk and banana! Jed will eat them all no matter how full he is.”


Jed makes me laugh when…

“He loves to play jokes most of the time, and he does it to everyone. One time he pretended that he wanted to feed me with a spoon, then he pulled back the spoon with a cheeky laugh. I think Jed is going to be a great daddy someday, hahahaha! He loves babies and kids. You should see how he interacts with babies, he could caress them lovingly!”

Jed is really good at…

“I would say shapes, colors and numbers. He loves pointing at things and saying out loud what shape it is, or what number it is.”


I think Jed is going to be ________  one day when he grew up. Tell us why!

“I think Jed is going to be a great daddy, hahahaha! He loves babies and kids. You should see how he interacts with babies. He could caress them lovingly!

What is the best part about being Jed’s mom?

“The best part of being Jed’s Mom is that he shaped me to be somebody who is more caring. I think I used to be more self-centric and egoistic until he was born. I learnt so many things when I became a Mom, from self-control to making priorities. The best part of being Jed’s mom is the feeling of being loved. I get to experience unconditional love while also learning how to love unconditionally. No matter how naughty he is or what he did, love wins over anger. Always. All the time.”

Special thanks to @kinderhaven_id for the cute classroom! 

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