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Feeling like you’re too different with your lover?
The Wedding of Enrico & Irma by Will
Apr 2018

Hey everyone!

It’s Will here. Finally, between traveling and photo sessions, I have the time to write for this blog.

A while ago, I took pictures of Enrico & Irma’s wedding (it’s exactly 5 years after they official date). They’re so fun, so in sync with each other that I didn’t realize how different they are until the day went on.

Let me ask you a question: in your relationship, who’s more likely to remember everything? Who’s more likely to forget? In this relationship, Irma is all about details, she remembers everything. Enrico, on the other hand, forget things easily.

Next question, what’s your favorite food? What’s her/his favorite food? Is it different? In this case, Enrico loves Indonesian food, but Irma prefers to eat western food.

“We are complete opposites of each other, except the fact that we both really love sushi,” said Enrico.

I can’t imagine what’s it like when they’re debating the answer of the sacred question every couple struggle to answer everyday, “honey, what do you want to eat for dinner?” They can’t eat sushi everyday!

Hahahaha. Well, I believe it goes the same with most relationship: in the get-to-know stage, every difference pops out. That’s when it starts to get annoying.


When the annoying things increases along with your anger, remember these 2 things Enrico and Irma say:

1.  Never stop getting to know each other and let them know you’re here.

“She knows what I need, better than anyone else including myself. She knows when I need food, when I need new clothes, when I need help with a task, when I need rest, and etc,” said Enrico


2. Focus on loving each other

“Enrico never fails to show me how much I mean to him. When we started dating, he promised that his love will either stay the same or it will be increasing over time. I’ve been in several relationships and the sparks fell after a year or two, but now with Enrico. I feel like he loves me today even more than yesterday,” said Irma.


I hope their advices inspire you like they inspire me. Oh, if I could add one more advice, it’ll be:

"learn to enjoy and cherish the differences"

as our differences are what make us complete. I see my wife Agnes as the chicken to my hainam rice and the ramen to my pork belly. Without her, my life would not be as complete. My life would never be this happy. After all, she’s my forever food hunting partner.

Good luck. You can do it, my friend.





P.S. thank you for trusting me to shoot your special day dear Enrico & Irma. Once again, congratulations. I’m wishing you all the happiness and adventures in the world.


MUA: Priscilla Myrna

Dress: Hian Tjen

Wedding Organizer: Irene IWP |

Handbouquet & Corsage: Arie Decor |

Decoration: Beautifleur Decoration |

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