Photography : Tying The Knot
A Walk to Remember
The Wedding of Christopher & Editha by Aha
Apr 2018

There were lots of loose ends to tie and family things to attend to before the wedding day.

I didn’t have time to digest that I’m going to be married soon until I really saw Christopher standing by the altar. I felt Dad holding my hand. I heard a tenor guy started singing ‘I knew I loved you’ by Celine Dion. Everyone’s eyes were on me.

“This is it,” I said to myself.

I started walking down the aisle.

When the chorus ended, we reached the altar. Dad took Christopher’s hands and mine (I’m his only daughter and the youngest of the family). He said advices to Christ, who was so touched that he cried on the spot, and hugged us both.

Everyone clapped their hands.

Since that moment, everything went so fast. And before we knew it, the priest pronounced us as husband and wife.





Makeup: Andy Chun |  

Dress: Yefta Gunawan |

Hand Bouquet: LUX Floral Design |

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