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What if being a mom just isn’t enough?
Ivan & Sharon Family Portraits by Vania
Apr 2018

Dear Working Moms,

We know how much you love your kids. You will sacrifice your life for their happiness and your ambitions for their well being. You will give up your dreams and your comfort for theirs in a heartbeat. You live selflessly day in and day out, and you don’t mind the work with minimal thank you’s and a whole lot of sloppy kisses and cheesy grins. You love your children, just as all mothers do. But there’s a nagging feeling that keeps gnawing in your heart that maybe, just maybe, you were made for something more.

You start to question yourself: Am I weird for feeling like I belong in the marketplace, working outside of the home? Does this make me a bad mother?

Before you allow yourself to be knee-deep in self-induced guilt, let us offer a word of encouragement: We are all created uniquely to fill a purpose made especially for us. And you are not alone.

Whether you feel strongest when leading a meeting in the boardroom, or putting on a suit and sitting behind a desk. Whether you long to be surrounded by more children in a school or working in a lab, you are not alone.

Your need to create, to help others, and to be successful outside of the home cannot be ignored or suppressed or guilted away. You were made with desires towards a certain thing. And you shouldn’t ignore it or push it aside, for it’s what makes you who you are. Don’t feel horrible for going after what you need aside from leading and caring for your children. Don’t feel bad if “just being a mother” isn’t enough for you.

Working moms, you are doing a wonderful job. Even when you struggle to master the art of keeping a good work/life balance and to prove that you can indeed “have it all”, you are doing great.

By fulfilling that desires for something more, you are setting a fine example for your children. Your daughters will learn to think of a future filled with possibilities, and your sons will learn to appreciate a woman’s worth far more than her natural capabilities or child bearing.

By leaving them to build a career, you are giving them the opportunity to be independent, while showing them, first hand, to manage their time properly. Additionally, contrary to the popular beliefs out there,  you are raising emotionally strong children who can appreciate the value of team work in a marriage and in a family.

We were each created uniquely, with an innate desire that only we can understand. Answer your call – even if it involves leaving your children for a few hours each day. Use your talents. Share your gifts. Let go of that guilt for needing something more. Even when it feels tough right now, take heart and believe that everything you work for will be worth it.

You love your children. There’s no changing that. Your children’s happiness begins with your happiness. So, wash up that guilt, wipe away the regrets, and press on forward, knowing you are doing a wonderful job.

With love,


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