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Never Can Say Goodbye
The Wedding of Roby & Ave by Adi
Apr 2018

I remember when I was in foundation back in 2009, I was with my friends, hanging out and hunting pictures. One of my friends told me a lot about this photography company so excitedly. He told me how amazing their pictures are, questioning on how did they take such photos, where the locations were, and so on.. I googled it right after when I got back home and my eyes were wowed by those amazing pictures. I can remember my girlfriends back at Uni told me they waited for AXIOO’s new blog post to come out and always cried watching their wedding videos.

Who knew 4 years later, I became a Baby Photographer of this dream-come-true company, called AXIOO.

Let me tell you a bit of my background story everyone has been asking me of when they meet me. I majored in communication design and graduated in 2012 from RMIT Melbourne. After I graduated, I went back home to Surabaya, just because I was terrified of not getting any job in Australia. I then started taking photos in my hometown. From events, engagement, to fashion photoshoot. One day, my best friend asked me to take photos of her niece, and I instantly fell in love! Since then, I started accepting photos for baby and kids. It had been 5 months after I graduated and I still wasn’t satisfied  with my progress. So I tried applying to some photography companies in Surabaya. Although, I know that my heart wants AXIOO so badly, I was again, scared of being rejected. Few months passed by, I hadn’t heard the news from those companies, I was kind of sad, and confused of what I was supposed to do next. I then submitted my portfolio and CV to AXIOO, without expectations at all. Months had passed and still no news yet..

And then one day, my ex’s sister asked me to help her during her pre-wedding photoshoot in Bogor. We flew there and guess what, the stylist was the one and only Mrs. Fen Soong! Honestly when I first met her, my heart beat quite fast. She was (and still is) my idol. We barely talked much though. But a month later, I received the most unexpected, surprising, and exciting comment from Fen! Long story short, we set up a meeting in September, and in October, I moved to Jakarta and became a Baby Axioo photographer!

During my time in AXIOO, I have met not just colleagues, but best friends.

The first time I moved to Jakarta, I had no friends, I have relatives but they live so far away and we can only meet twice / three times a year. Then I met Ruth Irma, the new stylist in Baby AXIOO that time (and one of my bridesmaids on my wedding day!). We hung out almost every single day because we worked together during photoshoots. Irma was the one who introduced me to God, the one who told me to not give up. She always listens and never leaves me behind. She was wise, loving, and caring, and she has changed how I think about my life. I had always been a selfish person, but when I saw how loving and caring she is towards others, I wanted to change. I can’t thank Irma and Luki enough for being there for me during my hard times..

Then I met Chinny, an editor of Baby AXIOO (and one of my bridesmaids too). She is friendly, the type of person you would love to be with and share stories to. I always asked her to go out with me when I was hungry, or when I was bored. She could always bring this positive atmosphere around, that’s why I like being around her! She’s rarely angry, she’s easy going, and chill. She’s just like a sister to me. She has influenced me to be more chill and not take things seriously. I am thankful for her presence!

I also met my other bridesmaids in AXIOO, her name is Jepher. She is one multi-talented lady! She does a lot of things yet she can manage EVERYTHING well! Can you imagine an octopus carrying one phone on one tentacle, a laptop on the other tentacle, 3 books on the other tentacles? That’s her to me! She taught me so many things, but the most important thing I’ve never forgotten was when she told me to calm down when I was panicking over a big problem, and not focus on the case but on the solution. That simple moment changed me today, when I have troubles, I’ll always remember that and calm myself down. She also showed me how a person can do so many things yet accomplished them too. I thank you for that, Jepher!

I’d say AXIOO plays a big role in my life. I met my husband, Roby, when I was in Sydney for a Baby Axioo photoshoot. Now, that’s life-changing!

I can never forget every person I’ve met in AXIOO; clients that have become friends, babies that have become my best friends too! Bosses that have become like parents and friends to me, colleagues who became my close friends now.

I’d say it again and again and never get tired of saying it, thank you Awie, Fen, and Ivan for accepting me for who I am when I was nobody. For forgiving me of my worst mistakes. For making room for me to grow in AXIOO. For trusting me, not just as your employee, but as a part of your big family. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet so many amazing people in my life and thank you for changing my life. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

AXIOO, Thank you for this past (almost) 5 years, for the happy tears and laughters, for the amazing ride. You will always and forever be in my heart.



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