Keep Calm and Don’t Get Married
Journal by AXIOO
Mar 2018

You’re in your late twenties. You’ve received the honor of being a bridesmaid, not once, but maybe even three times this year. “It’s a busy year for weddings,” you say.

You’re in a serious relationship. You and your boyfriend isn’t talking about marriage. You’re comfortable with that.

But it’s just that… it’s a busy year for weddings. You know there will be nosy aunts and sassy cousins who will ask you that dreadful question: “When is your turn?”

We know what you’re thinking: “Should I just casually start bringing the topic up to le boyfie? I like where we are now, but …should I? We’ve been in this relationship for a while… I mean, where are we going, really?”

Before you work up the nerve to ask your boyfriend about it, answer this: Is that really you or peer pressure talking?

We get it. Wedding peer pressure is a real thing. The social pressure upon people who are pushing thirty without a fixed wedding date is enormous. Even in Asian countries (or wait, especially in Asian countries.) However, if we may, let us offer you a friendly word of advice:

“Peer pressure is not a good enough reason to commit your life to one person. “

It is not enough to say “I do” to a long journey filled with uncertainties. And it won’t be enough to get you through the storms on the horizon.

Instead of working towards securing a forever, work on securing your relationship. Build trust. Test faithfulness. Save for a home or a car. Strengthen your relationship. Practice commitment, because you don’t need a status to be committed. Even when everyone around you is racing to the altar and you don’t want to join the race, take it slow and believe that you’ll get there on your own sweet time. Be comfortable in the wait.

It really doesn’t matter what other couples are doing. Your relationship is about you, your boyfriend and what you want to do with your lives. Don’t succumb to the wedding peer pressure. Your relationship isn’t dependent on the view of others, and it should never be. If you don’t have a good enough reason to tie the knot at this time, keep calm… and don’t get married.




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