Photography : She Said Yes
She’s not his type. He’s not her type.
The Pre-wedding of Tjahyawan & Melissa by AXIOO
Mar 2018

Truth be told, in the beginning, he was not my type and I wasn’t his either.

But long story short, somehow, we got closer. In the first year we’re together, we couldn’t be happier, but we were separated between two continents. The time difference made us hard to communicate. Whenever Tjah arrived home from work and wanted to call me, I was already somewhere in my bedtime dreams. We really missed each other.

Things were getting better when I got back to Indonesia for good. At least we’re in the same country, only different cities. This time around, we had no time difference and we got to meet each other once a month or once in two busy months. For me, it’s not easy to have an online-based relationship most of the time.

Despite the challenging moments, I like that he takes care of me responsibly that whenever I’m with him, online or not, I feel secure and comfortable. Even in my darkest moments, he understands me and supports me to make my dreams come true.

“She looks after me down to the smallest things I often forgot. Besides, being with her makes me a better and wiser person everyday,” Tjah once told me.

I really think we are perfect for each other. 🙂

And after a while, it seemed like our initial types don’t matter anymore. It’s how we make each other feel, how we love each other kept us close.

I love how Jan, our favourite photographer, captures the way we feel. He can create well the romantic mood we like, and the way he captures our moments is always beyond expectation.








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