Videography : Tying The Knot
Same Day Edit Video of Wilhan & Anas by Dimar
Mar 2018


“Anas, you’re smart, you’re cute and you’re quirky. But aside from that, you’re brutally honest. And that is why sometimes you’re super nyebelin but it is the same trait that captivated me. And it was at this stage of life where I thought ministry is said to be more important than you. You waited long enough to allow me to see my own mistakes with no condemnation. It was right then, when I got the second chance to be with you that I know that I will never let you go. I promise that I will be a faithful husband. I will be patient in facing our problems together. I promise to lead us in our family to Jesus and make Him the center of our family.”



Thank you for doing this journey with me. Thank you for all the sacrifice and sometimes that you said sorry first for our own good. I vow to respect and to love you unconditionally. Accept the best and the worst about you. I vow to speak to you and about you with kindness and passion. I vow to be more selfless just like you but I’ll try my best. And lastly, I vow to not spoil Game of Thrones unless it’s urgent.”


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