Videography : She Said Yes
Everything We Have
Same Day Edit of Ivan & Debbie by Dimar
Mar 2018


“I’m reminded of James 1:17 that says ‘Every good and perfect gift come from above.’ Maybe you are truly a gift from God. I promise for the rest of my life, to treat you as such. Like the song that we will sing together, it is truly a miracle that God placed everything so that I can meet you back in 2009. I will cherish you and never take you for granted.”


“Before I met you, I never knew what true love feels like. Being with you is just easy. Whenever I’m with you I can be the person I want to be. You make me smile, you stick up for me. And you always take care of me. You know all my flaws and my weakness, yet somehow you still chose to be with me.”

“I am short of breath

Standing next to you

I am out of my depth

At this altitude

Like the world makes sense

From your window seat

You are beautiful

Like I’ve never seen


Go ahead and laugh

Even if it hurts

Go ahead and pull the pin

What if we could risk

Everything we have

And just let our walls cave in


I am short of breath

Standing next to you

I’ll be the dangerous ledge

You be the parachute

Blue and green below

Is a masterpiece

But you are beautiful

Like I’ve never seen


Let our walls cave in

Let our walls cave in.”

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